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Tiffin Express Reviews and Ratings - Byculla, Mumbai

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Ridhima Prasad

Have been trying their lunch dabbas for 3 months now and it's a good place to call your office lunch from if you prefer regular and healthy home like food.. the food is always tasty and I've come to notice that I don't crave/ miss my home food which is a good thing.. Only downside is that the menu is more or less the same always.. one can get bored of eating the same stuff over and over but apart from that, the food is fresh and healthy and not very oily... One can easily live on these dabbas on a regular basis..


Rated 4.0 by Tejas Gadgil

Tiffin Express for People who'll not miss their Ghar ka Khaana..! - So, I decided to try this tiffin for one whole week when one of my office colleague (Who's a Gujarati himself) recommended me.  Well, Keeping my fingers crossed, i watched as my tiffin arrived in a blue colored cotton theli with my name and address on it, a 4 box layered tiffin. In it were 4 soft rotis wrapped neatly along with ghee on it. The different sabji's i got to taste were Palak Paneer, Bhindi Masala, Paneer Mutter and many more lipsmacking one's, but I feel they must add more varieties to the sabji's else many people will opt out due to repetition. Getting to dal, I got the chance to taste their speciality Gujarati Kadhi and Dal Fry (Mostly) along with really good quality rice. Salad and pickle were a delight with their meal.  From my experience, I can definitely say that their food looks home cooked , hygienic and healthy for someone craving for home food but living away from home. One additional point for their neat packing of food. A good value for money! Would recommend to others to try this at least once.


Rated 4.0 by Wine&Dine

We have been calling for food from tiffin express for really long.  Proper home cooked , hygienic food that is extremely healthy.  The rotis are always super soft and the packing is also very clean .  A total value for money!

Very Bad

Rated 1.5 by Sagar Hemant Palav

I started with tiffin express from September. Then after till today the vegetables are so repeated that we needed to discontinued with the services. Need more variables in vegetable.


Rated 5.0 by Jayesh Chavda

Very nice and excellent food. The original Gujarati food test after a long time I get. Thanks to Tiffin Express. Everyone should try at least once.