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The Parfait Co. Reviews and Ratings - Powai, Mumbai

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Smit Trivedi | The MunchyBrisk

Parfait is a french dessert consisting of heavy cream, eggs and refined sugar blended with fruits and natural flavours. To make a parfait, the ingredients are firstly mixed together thoroughly, poured into a smooth mould and only then chilled. The basis of a parfait is egg yolk and, usually, whipped cream or beaten egg whites as well as sugar, of course, and tasty flavourings such as vanilla, fruit puree or liqueur. Parfait & Co is the only brand that serves packaged parfait in the world. As exciting as it sounds, I was tempted at the first look when the package arrived. 6 boxes of various flavours all of 100 gms priced at Rs. 100 each, some might consider it a luxury, but then it's never too late to indulge yourself in some really good stuff, right? The Hazelnut parfait had a really good crunch of hazelnut. The nutty and earthy taste of hazelnuts presented itself thoroughly. Salted caramel was fantastic. It was not over sweet. The caramel was playing luscious games with the tongue and each spoonful made a very cool mouthfeel. Passion fruit parfait was a wonderful balance of tangy and sweet. Those who like khatta, you ought to order this. Belgian Chocolate was as indulgent as it good get and I feel it's the perfect way to end your grueling day at office! French Vanilla and Blueberry were decent, if not good like others. Overall, Parfait & Co have done a fantastic job to bring a slice of Europe to India and their struggle akin to make Indian glutton suited for Parfait, is easily visible with their love for ingredients and staying fresh as the sky!


Rated 4.0 by Foodster.bombae

Parfait is a rich cold dessert made up of whipped cream, eggs and fruit. It has a very smooth consistency! At Parfait Co you will get even eggless options! They offer the world's 1st packed Parfaits! The packaging is solid and gives a very classy feel. It has a tiny spoon inside the container itself so that's good. I tried the following: 1) Hazelnut creme 2) Belgian dark chocolate 3) Passion fruit 4) Salted Caramel 5)french vanilla 6)blueberry All the flavours were amazing. Not overtly sweet so that was great. Even though the Parfait was creamy it was so light! Loved the texturel I was really surprised to see the exquisite range of flavours they have! And each and every flavour had a wholesome and satisfactory punch. Highly recommended! Do try them! They are definitely worth it!


Rated 5.0 by Bhookhibaatein

Parfait Co was on my go-to list from a really long time and all the wait was worth it. This creamy dessert is a perfect substitute for Icecream and the consistency is so rich and smooth that it enhances the experience to a whole new level. Tastewise: 5/5 Price worthy: 3/5( The quantity is less but the taste is too good to miss) Overall:4/5 #BHOOKHIBAATEINHIGHLYRECOMMENDS


Rated 5.0 by Ashlesa Dash

best was Belgium chocolate parfait. will re order soon. can't wait to try out more.


Rated 4.0 by Travelogueofwanderlust

I genuinely love Parfaits from this place . Be it Belgian chocolate or salted caramel . I would recommend that you do not directly consume it from freezer ! I like to have it when it is in room temperature which a perfect blend of rich creamy ice cream + mousse