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The Honey Pot

Hiranandani Market - Garden, Powai
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The Honey Pot Reviews and Ratings - Powai, Mumbai


Rated 5.0 by Kapil Wahal

"The Honey Pot" is not just a bakery outlet which offers different variety of cakes and other bakery products.  They are not in the business of selling bakery products, but they are in the business of bringing smiles and happiness to people who buy their products. What an awesome name they have "The Honey Pot" where honey represents the sweetness that we long for in our lives. In today's fast paced life, there's so much stress and bitterness, so all we need is a dash of Sweetness, Happiness and lots of Smiles which is where "The Honey Pot" comes as a God sent Angel who has been commanded to doll out happiness and smiles in the form of yummy and ultra delicious cakes and other products that you get on offer at "The Honey Pot" All the products have a personal touch and comes with an added dose of sweetness put in by a divine soul who happens to be the owner of "The Honey Pot"!! Shilpa Vaswani is the magician who creates the magic at "The Honey Pot"!! You are definitely missing out on something, if you have not tried out the amazingly delicious and yummiest products @ "The Honey Pot"!! Go for it people and you will come back asking for more :)


Rated 5.0 by Savio Dsouza

What must i say the cup cakes or the annisversay cake, all was super delicous. Everytime we order the taste and quality never differ. Best thing is that honey pot is very honest. I got my refund of 30rs back within 2 days. Amazing stuff stored and fresh. If they would be more star i would definately give to the Honey pot.


Rated 5.0 by Shweta Vj

"Somethings are just wonderful like Friendship and Chocolate Cake!!" This is what exactly it is at The Honey Pot! The cakes, chocolates and cup cakes not only taste delicious but they look and feel delicious too, the beautifully customized cakes just add on to the happiness of the occasion!  It is an experience to indulge yourself in these sweet treats!! Taste it to believe it!! Cheers to the team :) Highly Recommended it! :)

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Jeeju Mohan

Sweetalious, fabulous and simply finger licking good. Just love the cup cakes. Best I had in a long longggggggg time. A must try. Recommend all my friends to surely give it a try


Rated 5.0 by Rvkhanchandani39

I have tried the cup cakes and birthday cake as well, it's simply awesome, but u will not come know until u try it once. It's definitely worth ur money