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The CA Chef Reviews and Ratings - Kandivali East, Mumbai


Rated 2.5 by Abhijeet Gangane

Recently i order food from ca chef.wasan't great food it was very ok.. I order italian gol gappe, brownie and pav bhaji sandwich. Which was very average in taste.@

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Deepesh Lad - The Food Maniac

Very hungry we just ran to this place, nearby our college. Order: Lebanese Roll, Walnut Brownie and Coffee Excess. Service: Quick Service and food and drink came quickly. Ratings - 4/5 Quality: Lebanese Roll tasted average, maybe something was missing in the taste and then comes Walnut Brownie, my favorite and it was awesome. Coffee Excess was beautiful too. Ratings - 3/5 Overall: Quick Bites section can be improved as very few eatables are in the menu. Desserts and coffees are beautiful! I'd still recommend for a visit here for coffees and desserts fans! Ratings - 3.5/5


Rated 4.0 by PrissyPalate

😍Some places carry a distinctive aura which grooves your mood and delights your soul. This small adobe is all new world in itself. 😊🌌Any 90’s kid will feel connected with this place, and why do we say so??They have Cassette collection of old music, board games, popular books stocked up, with art work of few artist on the walls and not to forget the precious collection of nokia phones, hot wheels ,vintage camera,etc. This place is just too much to get lost into. 🤔If you are wondering what can you hog on to, in that case they have a wide variety of coffee. The chef here is a Coffee Gourmet, so coffee lovers you have all the more reasons to visit his place. They even have options for quick bites, shakes and chillers. 💁We tried few of the items on their menu- 👉Hazelnut Frappe- This Frappe tasted God send, when served in hot summers. The flavors were well balanced and the consistency was impeccable. And anything topped with cream can just get better. Loved this Frappe. 👍Hot Chocolate- If you are a chocolate lover, be ready to get weak in knees. This one is luscious and heavenly. The consistency was perfect and chocolate was rich, made aptly sweet and served with right temper. Must try! I can’t wait back to visit this place and sip more of hot chocolate. 👉Pesto Coleslaw Sandwich- Coleslaw is a salad of freshly shredded raw veggies. The sandwich here was stuffed with coleslaw tossed in delicious pesto sauce. No baking done, it’s a cold sandwich. Something different to hog onto. 👍Mexican Bombs- This totally intrigued me. I never expected this one to be so flavorsome. Dainty chunks of bread are stuffed with flavorful Mexican stuffing which burst into your mouth and satiates your buds craving for some real good food. Highlight dish for the day!! 👉Aloo Paneer Wrap- It's like an home made wrap. Stuffed with veggies, Aloo and Paneer and few sauces. It was well cooked and sufficing. 👍Kiwi Smoothie- I am a sweet tooth and hence this one supremely delighted me. Creamy consistency with kiwi in it was one of my personal favorite. Smoothies are always appetizing and more refreshing.


Rated 4.0 by Radhika Mittal

This is another cafe in thakur village..It can be difficult to choose which cafe to go..But I can surely say CA chef is a awesome choice..The ambience is super cool..Right from some board games and cards games to books to camera to typewriter..Its all pretty cool...The food is delicious ..Its very economical too..A must try!!!

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Forum A Shah

The CA Chef is a hop, skip and a jump from where I stay, so it was inevitable that I try it. A decent place and a unique concept of mixing vintage stuff with artworks. This cafe is actually one of the first few cafes to pop up in the suburban areas. I ordered an Italian Soda - it was a soda based cooler. Such a refreshing drink to have in this heat. The Hot Chocolate really intrigued me. They deliver it right at our doorstep as well. Plus, it's priced decently well. Can't wait for monsoon to start so I can have it almost daily. :p They have some regular munchies as well that tasted like it should. My overall experience was really amazing. Definitely coming for more coffees & hot chocolate.