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The Beer Cafe

nb 4.0 / 5
Phoenix Market City, Kurla West
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The Beer Cafe Reviews and Ratings - Kurla West, Mumbai

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Swapnil Gaikwad

really awesome hangout with your friends..awesome beer..awesome chilli chicken ..just air condition was not to watch sports in cafe. service is awesome..

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Neeraj Kakade

This is a nice place to watch a cricket or football match Ambience - 8 Food - 9 Music - 10 Service -7 Had been to this place to watch an ipl match. The service need some improvement. Nice pizzas


Rated 3.0 by Ryan Dias

By far the lamest joint I visited in Mumbai. The beer cafe at this location was lacking proper air conditioning, and has been so for over 6 months according to the friend we went there with. The hugely advertised "No gimmick" offers were exactly that, as the so-called upgrade from pitcher to tower barely gives you an extra pint of beer. A pitcher is ideally 1.5 litres and a tower should have 3, but this tower was only filled upto 2.4 litres, which included two huge steel ice bars. This meant that must have not been anything more that 2 litres in their tower. If you think I'm nitpicking, imagine that two people needed 1 tower each to get a satisfactory high. The place was not that well maintained, and only had 3 staff present for the entire place. This meant that service was slow, despite only 3 other tables being occupied. You're much better off visiting Craft Brewery at the other end of the mall, which serves you the same craft beer in a much more sophisticated environment. You can read my review of that place as well.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Adarsh Mehra

Go here only if you love beer and are here for the variety. Food is average and definitely needs something better to click with you. Prices are decent.


Rated 3.0 by Neha Mishra

We went to chill here basically.. thought of ordering pizza and fries. Sorry to say but this place was disappointment when it came to food😑 The panner in pizza was not marinated (seemed like they just kept it on the top fir presentation) and the pizza had big coriander leaves:( The fries was just average! We took Canberry breezer.. I am sure nothing could wrong with that 😁 As the name suggests its Beer i assume the bear might be good! We did not drink anything..cant really comment on the drinks! Not to forget, its a pricey place 😅