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Taco Cheena Reviews and Ratings - Santacruz East, Mumbai


Rated 4.0 by Swapnil Thakur

At first glance from outside this look like some shaddy bar... But inside experience was completely different.. Though it's on main cat road but still place is not easily accessible... Interior is good nice air-conditioning, plesent ambince. Most of office crowd at afternoon timing... Now about food it's one of the best Chinese I HV had we order cryspy spinach chicken , chicken Momo's, pan fried noodles , sutaun noodle... The taste was awesum ... Again m saying one of the best chiness food I HV had ever.. but only thing is that they are very much slow on service part.. it eaisily eat you 2-3 hours... They serve liquor as well... Overall Rating Ambiance :- 4/5.... Food :- 4.5 /5..... Service :- 1/5 ... (They should work on this) **** Value for money :- 4/ 5...... (800 is fair enough for 2 ppl for 3 course meal) This is very much nearer to my office so I would love to visit again.. if you really wanna taste nice indian chiness then don't miss this...


Rated 5.0 by Manish

Had visited for a private party. Nice little place with lovely food. The Thai or Chinese both are great. The owners, a lovely couple Mr n Mrs Shetty were very warm and tolerant. In a group of 30 u can understand the chaos we created but they served with all there heart and smile. Service was excellent. The way the staff were getting snacks and food was commendable. Reasonable price for the quality and quantity. Absolute VFM A must visit


Rated 1.0 by Neerpriya Bakshi

I had ordered food from taco cheena- quite some for two people in which I had ordered chilli panner, chilli potatoes, veg noodles and Thai curry. Except the Thai curry which was mediocre- rest of the things were inedible. Me and my guests couldn’t eat the food as it was so bland and lacked taste. I was really disappointed with taco cheena as it looked looked like the place for go to local Chinese but disappointed highly. -P.S THE food clicked is the left over quantity which nobody ate.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Myra

Food: 4.5/5 VFM: 5/5 Ambience: 3/5 Service: 3/5 Veg Friendly: 3/5 Mushroom Dumplings​ - Yummy steamed mushroom momos. Hot and fresh, I couldn't help but want more after the dish was over. I think I'll have to get myself some of these again. Soon. If you try only one thing here, try this. Two servings please. Veg Wonton Fried: This was fried to crispy perfection, and the dipping sauce they gave with it was absolutely amazing. There was also some green chutney type dip at the table. That was pretty nice too. When a restaurant does sauces well, I think it's safe to say the food is definitely going to be good. Malaysian Flat Noodles - I adore flat noodles. I am not even a Chinese food fan, and yet flat noodles are life, so imagine my hesitation experimenting with it at an unknown restaurant. But I'd been happy so far, so I thought I could give it a shot. It was smashing. Absolutely smashing. It comes with vegetables and a little bit of gravy, and it was beautiful. I'm craving it just writing about it now. Santung Noodles: This was also pretty damn well made. Veggies, greens, gravy, the works. Quite filling. It just tasted right. They did umami right. That's not easy. Things are often too spicy or too sour or too much soy or they have a flavor imbalance. This place had no such issues, not in a single dish, not in a single bite. VFM: Absolutely value for money! Really affordable place and the food quality is fabulous. Must try. Specially the mushroom momos. Ambience: Could definitely do much better! I mean it just wasn't a very welcoming atmosphere. Of course places aren't supposed to be just superficially pretty all the time, food matters a lot. But here, the food is great! But someone passing by may choose to skip it. That would be a shame. Service: Again, could be better. The servers are often clueless about what you're asking or saying. There are a couple of servers who are well informed, though. Also, there was this one guy who was very hospitable; I thought it was the owner, but I'm not sure. Veg Friendly: Definitely a lot of non veg options​, but as you can see, I was pretty happy about the food. Vegetarians needn't despair. I feel bad about the lower rating, I really do. But I scored on all parameters. Maybe just order from this place instead of visiting. Just ask them to repeat your order back to you while placing the order, so you know it's right. You will definitely love the food. Maybe the owners decided to invest in a fab chef and not make the place all trendy. Which is absolutely fine. I just hope people do go visit, and that they don't disregard the place because it's not pretty.


Rated 1.0 by Arinjay Wade

The food quality is very bad. I will never order food from this place and also strongly don’t recommend this place to anyone. Bad bad quality really.