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Sweetish House Mafia

Malad West
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Sweetish House Mafia Reviews and Ratings - Malad West, Mumbai


Rated 2.0 by Dhriti Nandwani

Overhyped... tried nutella sea salt but it was the worst i ever had.... please try one from House of cookies in juhu, its a must have n made of wheat...


Rated 4.0 by Stefna_foodandtravel

The cookie slab is so perfect and balanced. It's not too chocolatey or sweet. But I think it's priced way too much for just one cookie slab. But the taste covers up for it.


Rated 4.0 by Khushi Tandon

₹900 for 3 cookies. Worth it? Yes every bite of it is worth the money.Their cookies are to die for. Like made with utmost delicacy the cookies just melt in your mouth giving you a blast of chocolate or whatever flavour you've chosen. I tried the nutella with sea salt cookie and it was like pure heaven, how can something be so perfect 😇😇. Then the chocolate brownie cookie is amazing you,it's like you're digging into tons and tons of chocolate brownie. Then the cheesecake or some peanut butter one I don't exactly remember. But it's just Ammmaaaaazzinng.😊😊

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Mrs. Salmon

Cookies here are the best. If you hit their other outlets, you can spend time playing cards or other games with your friends. Coming to back cookies, my favourites include dark chocolate one and Nutella sea salt. They serve them warm and fresh. Never tried a shake but looks good.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Kausik Misra

If you love Nutella, then their Nutella with sea salt cookie is sheer heaven. The best you can get in town. Period. This time I also ordered Snickerdoodle. They are good but the Nutella cookies are outstanding. 4 cookies for 543 including taxes. For the Taste this is a small price to pay.