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Swad - The Fusion Kitchen

Malad West
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Swad - The Fusion Kitchen Reviews and Ratings - Malad West, Mumbai


Rated 4.0 by Saurabhi Shetye

A small stall with a innovative combination of dishes! We tried panini, dilkush platter and mono lisa! Amongst these, panini had to be the most appealing one! One should surely give this place a visit to try something new and unique!

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Kunal Pawade

Ok so u won't find this place easily it is actually opposite Merwans besides Brijwasi.. small eatery but it is actually worth it..u can try a variety of chaats ranging from pani-puri to different types of sev puris not forget to try dilkush platter


Rated 2.5 by Ruchi Mundhada

Following the trend on social media I decided to visit this place. Very close to malad station, nearly at walkable distance. It is more of a stall as there is no place to sit and you have to stand and eat. I went on to try the extravaganza and pizza punch. The final dish looks delicious with melted cheese and mayo and garnishes. However when it comes to taste it is nothing extraordinary. If you go there expecting something completely different and pizza flavor like, you'll be disappointed. The extravaganza is spicy and yes the have mentioned it on their menu card. But I could only taste the chilli in it and nothing more. Also it is not very Easy to eat as after just two puris my plate was a mess. The filling came of panner, olives(both of which barely there) onions,capsicum. The pricing is a little more and though it looks filling for one person you can have more than that. Overall its a nice concept and can be better But as for my experience, it's a no for me.


Rated 3.0 by Anshay & Jay | The Good Food Pact

Supposedly one of the best in the business but not the first of its kind in Mumbai, Swad – The Fusion Kitchen has become a passing name in the air for chaat, especially fusion chaat in the area. Even though this is a roadside stall, the hygiene levels are good but the food is not-so-satisfying! Since this falls under the category of street food, the ambiance really doesn’t come into the picture. What we were served: Dilkhush Mini Platter, Ice Cold Pani Puri Dilkhush Mini Platter – Cheese and paneer cooked by a blow torch in hot sizzling masala gravy mixed with herbs and served with Nachos. Ice cold Pani Puri - Pani puri tastes best when this water is very cold. However, the ones served here tasted bad. The puris were stale too. As said when asked, every dish they served revolves around blowing out cheese hot on a base of vegetables and mayo. They just keep changing the type of base/puri. We understand that the concept of using blow torch might be unique but making the right use of it is a challenge to work on. Constructive Suggestions: 1. Improvise on the use of blow torch 2. Revisit the ingredients used in all dishes rather than using all ingredients in each dish 3. Enhance the quality of food To sum it up, there’s nothing some cheese and chaat can’t sort out, and at Swad you can get both in abundance but not that satisfactory. For more updates, follow our Instagram and Facebook handle.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Hungrychokro_Escapades

Located at 10 min distance from malad railway station a road side stall located within the brijwasi sweet premises doing magic with the blow torch and cheese. something really amazing this fusion happens at the swad food stall in malad. They have some amazing dishes in the menu such as ice kurkure pani puri with a puri so crispy a different in its league itself. On our recommendation list is their extravaganza and their schezwan Sevpuri which is a unique take on our traditional desi chaat. Coming to the service the owner Personally take care of the customers and makes sure they have a Great time. Overall Food 4.5/5. Service 5/5. Hygiene 4/5.