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Hiranandani Market - Garden, Powai
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Suzette Reviews and Ratings - Powai, Mumbai


Rated 3.0 by Prianka Sinha

Overall - not too impressed We ordered the creamed spinach and feta crepe (delicious), the hot chocolate (delicious) and a make your own salad - rocket, French beans, roasted zucchini, carrot with feta and grilled chicken, in a yogurt mint dressing. The salad was quite insipid and tasteless, there were several things wrong with it. The menu for make your own salad said 'lettuce or rocket or pasta' , we picked rocket. Our salad was 99% lettuce, with a few rocket leaves which we had to hunt for. When we asked the waiter, he said it's always lettuce based. We clarified that the menu says it's optional, and we specifically didn't want lettuce, which is why we chose rocket. He insisted it's lettuce with a little rocket. We told him he should clarify while taking the order. His response was that he thought we were regulars and knew. The salad was also quite insipid, and had no salt. The carrots and zucchini were both soft, no crunch. We ended up leaving most of it Overall - not impressed with the food, and the service was also lacking. Not giving lower than 3 since the crepe and drink were both good.


Rated 4.0 by Shinchana Chakraborty

One of my favorites in Powai! I love the cosy ambience and the fact that it's perfect for a date or even a quick catch-up with your gal pal. My personal favourites here include the croissants, the pasta salads (especially the one with olive tapenade), the Club and Basilic salads, their BLT sandwich, and of course I cannot say no to their Belgian Chocolate crepe. Now that's quite a long list!


Rated 5.0 by Vandana Singh

Have you ever had one of those days...when all you want to do is turtle. Walk out of the house and yet do nothing. Lazy, but beautiful. Need good vibes, only. If I have such a day , Suzette is where I would head. If I had to ask my love out for coffee, this is where I would head. And be there an hour early. Glamorously, awaiting someone. This place calms me down. Except, that it can get noisy during the evening hours. Will still work for you , if you don't mind the bustle. The crepes are lovely and fulfilling. Great coffee. Have heard rave reviews of the Hot Chocolate from neighbors across the table. Lovely, lovely chocolate croissants. And, the bookshelf. #sigh. Last week I found the entire volume of Lewis Carroll, sitting snugly, just waiting to be picked up. The ambience feels effortless yet beautiful. Like a favorite corner of your home.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Nayaneel

This cafe is located at central hub in Powai, one of the best area in Mumbai.  This place has well seating arrangement ambiance here is quite impressive. Good place to spend time with love ones. Cafe serves sandwiches, pasta, coffee, desserts and much more Only thing which was disappointing was the staff. Serve was not up to the marked. Need to improve the service.


Rated 4.0 by Reduce_that_sauce

Traditional Buckwheat Crepes.! Suzette has an Amazing Breakfast Menu with menu Options to chose from at a Very Fair Price Point for the Quality of Food. Their immediate Neighbouror is Cafe Aromas , they definitely Do give em a Run for their Money. Coming to the Food. So here's something , Definitely some Hits and some Misses. Tired the Foret . Amazing Sauteed Mushrooms , Spinach and Cheese. Which I didn't like at all. I personally though it lacked seasoning. Would Give it 3/5 🌟 But their Sandwiches , Omg !! A Must Must Try, Poulet - Grilled chicken , Feta , basil , Sundries Tomato's. This was definitely Hands down the Best sandwich I ever had. Made my Breakfast a Memorable one. Definitely a 5/5 🌟 Plus they also have many over the counter things to buy , Amazing Experience. Thank you. Would definitely visit again. Cheers.