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Spice Reviews and Ratings - Malad West, Mumbai


Rated 4.0 by Food Choice Of Mumbai

Spice 🍲 Spice is a decent place to order foods to drench your hunger. I cant give information about venue as it was home delivered. This place has a variety of menu to choose from. What I tried??? Crispy chicken lollipop: πŸ— A good amount of crisp around the lollipop. It's a unique dish and it's Cooked quite well. Chicken Chinese biriyani: πŸ₯˜ A unique idea and a mix of two favourite among Indian and Chinese cuisine. Quantity is fairly good. Will definitely recommend you to try the above two dishes.


Rated 5.0 by Malcolm Fernandes

Superb Burnt garlic fried rice accompanied by Spice special Chicken dry. Dinner delight...Thanks Ravi Bhau. Great taste and quantity. Simply enjoyed it.


Rated 4.0 by Nelwin D'cruz

Note: For delivery contact on 9820226457 Spice is a small outlet in malwani gate no 1 of Malad, ambiance is okay and service is prompt but what makes this place so special is their amazing food.! Trust me it will activate all your taste buds and you will be craving for more! This place is famous for four dishes Chopper rice Crispy lollipop Chicken satay Chinese biryani I tried 3 out of 4 and it was delicious! 😍 What I tried Chicken Chopper rice It has an amazing chicken gravy which is little spicy on top of the fried rice. (Must try dish) Chicken Thai fried rice It has a slight different scent since it is made from Jasmine rice. Quantity was average. Crunchy chicken Nice sweet, juicy and tangy chicken which had a crunchy layer. Crispy lollipop Oh bouy 😍 it's a nice Crisp coated lollipop with a unique style. Its one of the best dish I have tried till now and it is pocket friendly too. (A must try dish) 😍 Chicken Shanghai Nice garnished juicy chicken with Chinese sauces along with Indian herbs and seeds. Chicken Chinese biryani A unique combination of chicken biryani and egg Fried rice, which was totally yummy! (A must try dish) 😍 Chicken spice special dry In this you get a 10 piece of nice juicy chicken in schezwan sauce which is garnished with coriander. Food: 4.5/5 Ambiance:3.5/5 Service: 4.5/5


Rated 1.0 by Akshay Kulkarni

This place was great until the guy who took my order a while ago acted like a total douche! Took the entire order and then raised his voice to ask me " aap landline pe kyun call karte ho? Mobile pe call Karne ko nahi aata hai kya? Menu bheja Tha aur bola Tha na landline pe call nahi Karne ka" he was more than happy to cancel the order without a care too. Saala kaamchor kahinka. Why do you even have​ a friggin landline number if you're too busy to attend to it? Is this the way you talk to your customer? Please remove your landline number from your menu and AND actually send a menu after promising one. Also please understand that the first rule of business is to attend to the customer and actually provide a service not insult them or try to be a smart ass. Landline ka bill nahi bhar sakta hai to landline aur business dono band Kara do. Good food pathetic customer service.


Rated 4.0 by Rebecca Eleanor Eustace

This place has awesome chinese cuisine. Great taste. Love the food and we always order from this place. Only the quantity is a little less rest all good.