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Dadar East
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Sindh Hindu Hotel Reviews and Ratings - Dadar East, Mumbai


Rated 1.0 by Onkar Sawant Bhosle

I'm putting it out there - not only the food is mediocre, the attitude of the staff and the management is abysmal. I have had many experiences of rude staff in life, especially from upidi joints - but this place just took it to another level. I cannot even begin to express the waiter's guts who had the audacity of making faces and passing comments to our faces, that too just because we hadn't reached a consensus over our order when he approached us. And it got only worse. So much so that this same waiter comes to us and literally asks us to get up and leave, in an impertinent way. The reason being, we had sat not more than 5 mins after paying the bill - while we were the only customers at that given point, the whole of AC section being empty. We reached-out to the management with our grievances, which not only was apathetic towards them, but also defended its staff's arrogance. This place tops my list of worst experiences at hotels, by a substantial margin. Do not visit if you hope to be treated with slightest respect (or you hope to even eat a decent meal).


Rated 5.0 by Admin

Nice place for Indian food lovers. Its a bit crowded most of the times being outside dadar station.Try the Paneer tikka masala. Must have Kala Jamun !


Rated 5.0 by Dipika Ajj

Good Indian food with mind blowing sweets. Try the Gulab Jamun..its really good.All sweets are good. Mostly packed in evenings. Try the samosas with the chole .


Rated 3.0 by Chef N Tarot Reader

Must have Dal Pakwan! All time favourite. Sweet place to enjoy Sindhi delicacy with main course n desserts too. Even though it's right next to Dadar station still inside its so calm n quiet.