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Sassanian Reviews and Ratings - Kalbadevi, Mumbai


Rated 3.0 by ReviewsByRezoN

I have visited this place numerous times. The food is flavorful. However one thing I am disappointed is the customer service, which I have noticed quite a few times now. The staff keeps the customer waiting for a simple piece of bread or maybe a cold drink or tea and gives priority to the cashier. I personally have had to wait 5 minutes for a piece of bread until the cashier relieved the server. The food and the ambience always keeps reminding us of the good old days when restaurants like Sassanian launched. Reading "Since 1913" itself makes you imagine how it would have been a 100 years ago.


Rated 5.0 by Anwar Khan

This is one old place that is still amazing. The owners are warm and Parsi. The food is like them too good. The fried chicken(ask for Chicken Farcha) here is better than any KFC.My favourite at Sassanian is the Lagan nu Custard it's just wow. The bakery items are also good. This place is more than 100 years old what can go wrong. So please do yourself a favour and visit.


Rated 1.0 by Alshaan Qureshi

We do not hate the place, not d food too....but for serviece i would have been given zero .......eles all fine ....we want our irani cafe to be back n live for centures


Rated 5.0 by Floyd Lobo

As you enter this restaurant it gives a nostalgic feeling of old Bombay and must say Irani restaurants have the best baked products when it comes to bun, kharis, Mawa cakes and puffs. This can be the best place to have your breakfast if you are somewhere near marine lines station... Recommended dishes:- -Brun maska with a cup of chai. 🍵 -Kheema pav with pallonjis ice cream soda or raspberry flavour. - chicken dhansak with rice 🍚


Rated 3.0 by Abhishek Arora

Nice hangout for people looking for irani bakeries with a flavour of the old Bombay charm. Soft spoken staff. But the rude owner lady who sits at the cash counter could be a spoiler.