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Saoji Express Reviews and Ratings - Worli, Mumbai


Rated 3.0 by Somnath Jana

A small outlet in lower Parel near to the back gate of phoneix market city. Three tables , a spread of North Indian, Chinese and Maharashtra cuisines. I am regular to this restaurant because of the mutton saoji dish. Mutton saoji is a traditional Nagpur delicacy and this restaurant absolutely justify the taste. It is hot,spicy and consists of tender mutton chunks. Goes well with roti even better with steam rice. Apart from this I have tried veg thali, chicken masala, other veg items.. Those are good but the Mutton Saoji.. It's yum.. Must try guys if you are looking for some authentic spicy mutton curry. Price is moderate and service is fast.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Ashu

#SaojiExpress #LowerParel Location is Ok , It is on the Backside of Phoenix Mall. Usually the crowd comes here is of the People working in this Mall and the local people staying nearby . Me and my Colleagues had gone to this Restaurant at Night 11 . It is a small Restaurant consist of 10-12 covers who can seat and eat. This restaurant has a Thali Sysytem as well( As shown in the picture ) . When we entered the restaurant there was a dirty smell which was coming of Drainage system , this was not good actually . They should work upon it. Then we settled on our table and then we ordered for #2EggThali #2ChickenThali &#Chass FOOD (4.5/5) 1.Egg Thali The cost for Egg Thali was Rs. 90/- , the cost was cheap . The presentation was amazing(shown in the pi@cture). The taste was also amazing according to the cost. Rating ( 4.5/5) 2.Chicken Thali The cost for Chicken Thali was Rs.120/- , the cost was ok . The presentation was also Amazing (shown in the picture ) . The taste of Chicken Gravy and Egg gravy were similar , No mind but the taste was awesome . Rating (4.5/5) 3.Chass The cost for Chass was Rs. 20/- the cost was cheap. And was served very nicely with the straw in it. Chass was vry fresh and garnished with Mint leaves. Ratings (4/5) SERVICE (5/5) The service was vry Quick and decent. The server wqs vry active and well groomed. Was having good knowledge of service. Liked the most for the Food. AMBIENCE (2.5/5) The Food Quality was awesome but we got disappointed because of the Ambience. Should look after the Ambience as well . All the Best🖒 Recommended


Rated 5.0 by Anirudh Dubey

This is an authentic No Nonsense Saoji Joint. If you visit this place and ask for kadai chicken and other generic crap, well u should not call your self a foodie. Their Sukkha Chicken, Keema Kaleji , Mutton Saoji khur paya is straight from Vidherba. The chef is the owner of this joint. Also they serve garlic rice and phulka roti and not regular oil chapati's. Saoji food is very oily and spicy. They might make it as per your taste by reducing spice and gravy but I would advice you to eat it as it is supposed to be. This food is addictive. Jai Maharashtra Jai Saoji.


Rated 4.0 by Darshan

Ambience is bit poor. Difficult to find. But worth. Taste 4.6 / 5 Must try saoji dishes as well as baigan bharta and patodi ki subji. Suggestion - take parcel.


Rated 5.0 by Swapnil Atram

Lovely spicy food for me.. I just loved it. Rassa awesome.. all my frns were happy with this.. just a problem with ambience but taste wise it's best.