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Santacruz East
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Sai Chinese Center Reviews and Ratings - Santacruz East, Mumbai


Rated 4.0 by Ashish Kesarkar

We had dinner here once. This is small outlet near University of Mumbai. Parking problem if you going by car but bike its fine. But outlet is good well maintained. We tried here chicken Manchow Soup. Soup was delicious, thick, spicy and loaded with Chicken pieces. Taste was awesome. Service guy also helped us to select food as per taste and our likes. All items he explained properly. Soon revisiting. ☺️

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Payal Singh

What we tried: 1) Veg. Noodles: 5/5 - The taste is good and the quantity is great. It's more than enough for two people. If you're alone, ordering half a plate would ve recommended. 2) Chicken Noodles: 5/5 - It had enough pieces of chicken. (According to friend) 3) Veg. Manchurian (gravy): 4/5 The manchurian balls were really soft though they only contained cabbage. The gravy could have been better. It was quite bland although I had asked for it to be made extra spicy. 4) Samosa: 4/5 Ambience: 1/5 It's a tiny joint and the kitchen is open so the tadka manages to give you a cough. The seating is for around 30 people. Service: 4/5 Quick service. It's a pocket friendly place which you can visit when you want good food in good quantity at good rates.


Rated 5.0 by Rishi Sharma

According to the price of the food it's outstanding and everyone love to eat local Chinese noodles was very simple and nice very comfortable to hangout with friends

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Kunal Nachane

I've been eating here for over a decade now and can hardly find a reason not to like it. Sure, it's not exactly somewhere you go to for ambiance, unless you like a cat for company as you tuck into your chicken drumsticks, but if you don't mind roughing things out a but, there's no better place. The soups are all good, but the 'Sai Special Chicken Soup' is exquisite. A garlic-filled, mushroom-rich delight with chicken shreds well-cooked (not merely boiled and added from top), it's a cure for blocked noses and bad moods. I have not yet had a starter here that was not wonderful in its own way, but a special mention for the following: 1. Chicken WonTon fry - a simple dish elevated to an art form. Finely shredded chicken  is cooked in a red sauce and then rolled into a butterly-shaped won-ton and friend and served with sliced lettuce and schezwan sauce. 2. Chicken drumsticks: Well-sized leg pieces of chicken fried in cornflour and served swimming a gravy of garlic and chilly cooked in schezwan sauce 3. Chicken Red Cook dry: A sort of burned-chicken, with the boneless pieces served with onion and capsicum and cooked in a spicy sauce. Zomato-ers, this is not a comprehensive list, mind you. There are other delights here. In the main course, things tend to standardise somewhat with other restaurants, and are 'good' without being 'exceptional', though the Chicken Dragon Noodles (a gravy - noodle combo) is good. If you're hungrier, go for a separate order of 'chicken in hot garlic sauce) with Egg Fried Rice or Noodles. Happy Eating!

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Chinmay Sheth

Awesome food...!!! Eating from a long time...!!! Fabulous food , fabulous Chinese...!!! My love for Chinese started here itself...!! Sai is the best.