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Raaga Bar & Kitchen - Sea Palace Hotel

nb 4.0 / 5
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Raaga Bar & Kitchen - Sea Palace Hotel Reviews and Ratings - Colaba, Mumbai


Rated 4.0 by Tabskhan70

Went for rooftop restaurant but found Raaga quite better. Nice ambience with open space seating arrangement facing the sea. Food was average. If you want less crowded place with peaceful ambience go for it


Rated 1.0 by Abhishek Kanodia

The worst place to visit..We had decided to go for roof top restaurant but as Dere was no place we settled downstairs here...There was one waiter who was so disrespectful and when we had ordered beverages for ourself, he brought wrong order for us and wen we told him to change it his exact words,"Are yaar tum mera dimaag kharab mat Karo..!!" His manager was also no good and could not do anything to do damage control..And so we left place at once.. Totally worthless useless place..Don't expect respectful decent staff but indecent disrespectful staff is common


Rated 4.0 by Gaurav Ajwani

Been here to have couple beers ad I must say the open sea make me sit here for long hours where in I tried some good snacks and awesome food, had jhinga masala in main course which was outstanding. Service 4/5 Ambience 5/5 Taste 4/5 Will rate this place better than Bay view.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Siddhartha Das

A very no-nonsense place to have your first meal of the day. Nothing fancy, but the basics were good and we were happy that we were the only ones to be catered too. Though would love if they added some more to their menu. The omlette station made us a very nice dish which kept us on the table for long!


Rated 2.0 by Annie Feroz

Been to this place last week. Now we wanted to try the rooftop restaurant of sea palace hotel bt we reached there by 9pm and at the rooftop restaurant no one was ready to tell us the approx waiting time also n seeing alot of people waiting we decided to try raaga instead. For starters in their closed dinning area no one was there except us and even then the service was tooo slow. Food was just okay not great about it. By 9pm also most of the stuff was finished lyk v got only one serving of french fries also couldnt gt the ordered mocktail. The only stuff tht i lykd was the chicken reshmi kebab. It is an Average place with slow service