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Pool Side - The Resort

Madh Marve Road, Erangal
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Pool Side - The Resort Reviews and Ratings - Erangal, Mumbai


Rated 3.0 by Ruchika Kumar

We got a good deal n in that sense it was worth the price. I liked some of the dishes n some were off so wouldn't really recommend this place but if ur stayin in the hotel and want a quick bite head here. The staff is courteous and prompt.


Rated 4.0 by The_Thapliyalji

The Resort is like 2nd home for me. Every other weekend im here. Love this place in every way,love the sunset from their swimming pool. And after a great swim always indulge for some yummy paneer pakora and chai. Food at this place will never disappoint you.


Rated 5.0 by Pratik Deogade

Good Environment....Love the pool.. awesome view of beach..i have visited there with 15 friends had lot of fun. Food there is top notch..yes carry the nylon wearables if u want to hit the pool

Very Bad

Rated 1.5 by Divya Tikiya | Epicureans

Ambience: Well, table by the pool overlooking the lovely beach and the ocean definitely makes up for an amazing ambience. But little help from the resort as the pool water wasn't really crystal clear, it was d breezy beach, blue sky and ocean that made it refreshing. Food: We ordered 2 chicken club sandwichwes alongwith one chicken lollypop. The Chicken toast sandwich had the crispy toast with mayo and minced chicken inside. Every bite was crispy but quite messy - the stuffing tastes good. The chicken and ham sandwich was quite huge in size with chicken ham as stuffing alongwith veggies. There were potato chips served as accompaniments, which were not great - a bit thicker and bland. The sandwich tasted okay but could do with some sauce or atleast some more salt. Next was Chicken lollipops - the worst I ever tasted. The chicken pieces were fried so badly that the crust was coming out with every bite and one could taste the batter it was used to coat it with. The taste was bad - even the chicken seemed under cooked and bland to taste. Very very avoidable. Service: Non existent!! We caught hold of a water passing by the pool side to take our order. We first asked for d menu. He said he willl come back for d order - but will take 10-15 mins. So we told him to take our order right away as we couldn't wait been very hungry. He took 45 minutes to get the sandwich after repeated follow ups. It was very annoying to follow up with the manager and remind him about our order. For the amount they were charging the service was pathetic. I noticed service has been an issue with many customers but they still have not done anything to improve the same. Value for money: Pathetic! Each food item was charged around Rs 450 bucks making them comparable to the rates of a 5 star resort! But for what? Quality of food - okay, service - pathetic. My overall feedback about the place is clearly negative and I would strongly recommend not to visit the resort. the managers are not helpful but instead arrogant saying the place is full so they can't help it. I guess very soon people will stop coming after realising their non caring attitude.


Rated 4.0 by Everything On A Plate ( EOAP )

When we got a mail saying ‘ Enjoy the essence of Goa in Mumbai ’ ; amidst ‘ Maria Pitashe ’ playing in our heads, our taste buds wouldn’t take no for an answer. For more : As we walked towards the buffet we saw beautiful pool tents with a view of both the pool and a view of the beach. A definite win-win situation ! When we reached the buffet venue, the spread seemed like quite a feast! What they offer : The Sunday Brunch includes a widespread selection of soups to salad, live counters, quick bites, The Resort’s own baked toast/bread, main course and desserts. The package also includes a glass of Indian sparkling wine. The buffet had : * Assorted Tea cakes : All the tea cakes here were made in their in-house bakery. Each of them was fluffy with the right amount of sweetness and well settled sponge. It is difficult to select a favourite but for the chocolate lovers, their tiny croissants with sprinkles are superb. * Salad Bar : Egg cold cuts : These fluffy egg white & vegetable omelettes, served cold, were very interesting. Chicken Salami Salad : Sliced salami, bell peppers, radicchio with a light dressing, for salami lovers this is a treat. The light dressing keeps intact the delicious salami cold cuts while the crunchy veggies give a contrasting texture to your bite. Ham and Pineapple salad : Ham & Pineapple cube, boiled peas, light dressing and a dash of pepper, we LOVED this one! The Ham had such a powerful flavour and with the sweetness of the pineapple it took our taste buds for a joy ride. The peas were soft, dressing kept minimal and the pepper added a lovely punch. Fryums : Who would expect fryums in a Hi-5 buffet? We loved this strange addition. Not only were they perfectly crunchy, but left no oil on our fingers either! Exotic Pasta Salad : Fusilli & Penne pasta, bell peppers, string beans, garnished with carrots & an interesting  dry pickle like dressing. Two Bean Salad : A dry salad with red kidney beans and chickpeas, garnished with orange slices. Cottage Cheese Salad : Soft cubes of paneer, bell peppers, thin slices of apple, radicchio, dressed with a pepper dressing, garnished with zucchini. This amalgamation had quite a lot of delicious textures and tastes. * Make your own salad : Hummus with Pita bread : The hummus had a wonderful garlic kick to it and was perfectly pureed. The soft Pita bread was made in-house as well. Curd Rice : Another surprise addition to the salad counter. The tadke daar rice was soft and curd wasn’t even a tad bite sour. Vegetables & dressing : Incase anyone wanted to make their own salad, they had chopped tomatoes, lettuce, onions, baby corn, carrots, cucumber & an assortment of dressings to chose from. Christmas Coleslaw : Radicchio, Cabbage, bell peppers, tomato with a mayo dressing. * Cereals : Three types of cereals and cold milk. * Pickles : Lemon pickle, Raw Mango pickle, Chilli pickle. * Roasted Papad * Bread Baskets & Indian Breads * Mains : Vegetarian Aloo Amritsari : Fried, Crisp & seasoned Aloo Bhajjis minus any traces of oil. Singapuri Hakka Noodles : Noodles with pineapple, peek a boo from a few veggies garnished with spring onion leaves. Lassoni Palak : The palak was pureed to perfection and the caramelised bits of garlic blended very well. Paneer Jalfrezi : Soft bits of cottage cheese with a buttery spiced tomato gravy garnished with coriander. Veg Mexican : A vegetable mix ( bell peppers, string beans, broccoli, baby corn, carrots, mushroom, cauliflower ) with a dry saucy dressing. Veg Dilruba : Mixed vegetable Indian gravy garnished with cream and lettuce. Veg Biryani : A mix of vegetables with a lovely flavoured rice garnished with mint and caramelised onion. Moong Dal Gheewali Soft steamed Rice Non Vegetarian Sesame Chicken : This was the star of the brunch! A semi dry dressing, crisp sesame coating garnished with cherry tomatoes, carrots & cucumbers. Mutton Trichy : A coconut based spicy gravy with tender pieces of mutton. Egg Jalfrezi : Boiled eggs sautéed in onions with a spicy tomato gravy. Mahi Mahi Chicken  : A spicy fish & chicken Indian gravy garnished with coriander, cream & ginger shavings. * Soups  : Chicken West Lake, Cream of Asparagus ** Phew! ** In addition to this, they also had a * Live Grilled Sandwich counter : Select your ingredients and customise your perfect grilled sandwich. * Live Egg Counter : Sunny side up, Omlette, Scrambled eggs? Pick your favourite and watch it come together. * Desserts Besan Ke Ladoo Rasmalai : Soft, well soused, garnished with almond & pistachio shavings. We liked that they were light on the sugar. Fresh Fruits Ice cream Gajar Ka Halwa : This beautiful orange desset was just calling out to us! Our favourite dessert among those at the buffet. Wasn’t drowsed in ghee or soaked in sugar, the chef had found the perfect blend. Orange Juice * Wine : Sula Brut To read our entire review check :