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Piku Chiku

Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Road, Parel
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Piku Chiku Reviews and Ratings - Parel, Mumbai


Rated 5.0 by Rian

Piku chiku is a small sweet and simple cafe located in parel east . it's has some or other variation added to a streat food and presented a new dish out of it. it's a good place to visit with friends as well as with family and it has reasonable rates too . As I had tried Ulta fulta vada - it's was really an amazing thing I ever had, it was something a new that they have invented an italian tadka is added, it's an mouth watering dish it's an type of starter it include potato bhaji that is mostly use for making vada n added mayoo n cheese on it . chocolate sandwich- basicaly many of us think how chocolate n bread would taste but trust me it is a good comb to have as desert it includes dark chocolate chocolate syrup and milk chocolate. Double decker sandwich:It's a 3layer bread sandwich Filled with 2 Variations of different types of veggies Ratings: Ulta fulta vada:5/5 Chocolate sandwich:4.5/5 inside outside Desi pizza :3.5/5 double decker sandwich:5/5 All over it was an amazing experience All foodies must goo n try it Piku Chiku


Rated 2.0 by Rinku Pramanick

Visited this newly opened eating option at Parel, last week. While taking a glance through the menu,I came across with few interestingly named dishes. On the recommendation of the staff we tried Ulta fulta vada pav, PC pav bhaji fondue and double decker sandwich. Ulta fulta vada pav: it's nothing but small bread cutlets densely garnished with cheese and mayo. Totally Overrated by the staff. PC pav bhaji fondue: no way appeared like a fondue. Basically it's just a cheese pav bhaji served with small pieces of pav. Tasted good but not as fondue. Deceiving name hence a huge disappointment. Masala Maggie: watery and Tasteless than the usual Maggie. Double decker sandwich: only dish that really tasted good with two different fillings prepared in different sauces. Overall ambience is ok but the servings of the dishes were small.