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Ovenstory Pizza Reviews and Ratings - Malad West, Mumbai


Rated 4.0 by Avantika Prabhu

Pizza is the best thing you can get to cure Monday Blues!! And Ovenstory comes here as a Saviour!! I never preferred veg pizzas but since it was a Monday, I ordered one! And to my surprise….. I ordered FAMOUS FIVE PIZZA- mozzarella cheese, paneer tikka, American corn, jalapeno, olives and onion topped with Chipotle cheese sauce. The order I delivered was cold so I had to microwave it. And the cheese was so goey and smooth. The chipotle sauce made it a bit spicy and it completely blended in with the taste of other toppings. The crust was a bit soggy and not crispy at all but the taste… One of the best thing was the pizza base. It was flavoured with oregano and herbs which made the pizza more tastier. I would recommend this pizza just for its base and u can customize the type of crust and sauces according to your preference!!


Rated 5.0 by Ritesh

Enjoyed the delicious pizzas at the Oven Story outlet. They serve large Chicken Tikka And kheema pizza pieces that are freshly made and taste yum. Lots of options to select from veg and non veg fare. Rates were on higher side but then quality was top notch as well. Service is Good ! :)


Rated 1.0 by Ken Mathew

After 90 min of ordering they say their machine is spoilt. There is no update provided the number of times I called to check. This is isn't professional at all.


Rated 4.0 by Happysoul

The trend now a days is of delivery outlets and you order online from these places. Ovenstory is one such outlet with multiple branches all over mumbai. Me being a lover for pizzas ordered for a chicken tikka and kheema pizza. This pizza is fully loaded with huge chunks of chicken as well as kheema in large quantity. Mind you this is not a half and half pizza, but but the ingredients are equally distributed throughout. Me being a heavy eater just managed to finish a full pizza...but it is more than sufficient for 2 ppl. PS: Crust of the pizza could have been better


Rated 1.0 by Arun Singh

the quality is not good .no stuffing and also halopenos and other stuff is not present in pizza.thin crust is also not done properly.