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Orbango Reviews and Ratings - Powai, Mumbai


Rated 4.0 by Anandi Basu | Balikabasu

Got these Orbango bottles of freshly squeezed juices and milkshakes delivered at my place. They claim to be absolutely natural without any chemicals or preservatives. I'm not sure about the claims, but the combinations that were serving really intrigued me to try these out. I love fruit concoctions and ended up trying three flavours: Bliss, Exotica and Powershot. Bliss was a combination of Apple, Pineapple and Grapes. Quite sweet as well as tangy, bit very refreshing. Loved it. Exotica was a mix of exotic berries, strawberries and apple. This was tangier then Bliss, I found it average. And last, the power shot was indeed a turbo fuel which had the goodness of milk, honey, bananas,dates and almonds! This is a perfect drink for gym goers and really filling. Not very sweet and quite fresh. I loved it. So for me Bliss and Powershot were the winners. For a bottle of 250 ml, the price was decent enough. I won't mind trying other flavours as well.


Rated 5.0 by Gauri Nair

Too Healthy !! Must try if you are a juice lover ! This will really keep you fit and hydrated ! You will always want more and that's Orbango !! Head on to one of their outlets or order online as it's a Must try !!


Rated 4.0 by The Curious_foodie

Orbango is a brand that deals with healthy Juices. The juices they sell are freshly made without use of any preservatives. The juices I tried out here were 🌠Power shot : This drink is a combination of banana,dates,almond,milk & honey. The flavour of it was good and something unusual. 🌠Red alert: Its a combination of strawberry ,watermelon and mint. 🌠Bliss This drink was a combination of apple ,pineapple and grapes and has a good flavour. All their drinks are fresh and healthy and would definately recommend it.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Karisma Narwani

I tried the red alert which is awesome .. also the juice was refreshing plus the delivery was on time.. amazing packaging and cute bottles ..would love to try more flavours


Rated 3.0 by Nishit Shah

Healthy juice is always a great way to detox. If you have a strong dislike for water, then you better start juicing. Not only will it keep you hydrated but boost your immune system, keep your energy levels up and keep diseases away. Orbango juice bridges the gap between lack of healthy juice options making it available at your fingertips. They're freshly pressed and delivered within 45mins without adding any preservatives. I loved the watermelon drink but power shot (Banana, honey, dates and almond) didn't really live upto expectations. Tasted terrible and something which I used to run from as a kid. Some of the things in their raw state taste bad. Would definitely order watermelon again though!