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Phoenix Market City, Kurla West
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Noodle Bar Reviews and Ratings - Kurla West, Mumbai


Rated 4.0 by Karan Mody

Okay so Noodle Bar has an amazing ambience to start with, the service is pretty decent as well, quick and helpful. The food is well presented and cooked, wasn't the most flavourful Chinese I've tried but is fair enough at the price range.

Very Bad

Rated 1.5 by Aishani

I wrote an entire detailed review then deleted it cause this joint is not even worth my criticism. Why be in the hospitality industry if you can't be hospitable towards your customers? Not going to this place is the best advice I can offer you.


Rated 1.0 by Thomas

Do not bother to visit this place if you really love Oriental food and if you know your food well. I had the option to try Wok Express or Noodle Bowl and I made the wrong choice. Ordered the Pepper squid fry and chicken dumpling as starters. I specifically asked the waiter how the squid would be served - large rings or otherwise. He said it would be cut into small rings. I was fine with that, since you don’t really get huge sized squid here in Mumbai. When it came, the squid was cut in to really tiny pieces. Actual titbits. I was charged 600 bucks for this - absolute rip off. But the taste made up for it. It was ok. Not much to complain about. Next the chicken dumpling came in. As usual, it came to the table in the typical bamboo dish to retain the heat and steam. I then realised that instead of wrapping the dumplings in Leaf, it was placed in the bamboo dish on a plate. That caused water to accumulate in the plate and messed the dumpling coating up. The waiter wasn’t able to pick the dumpling up from the bamboo dish and serve it onto my plate. The outer covering just kept breaking up. Informed the manager about it who was kind enough to offer a replacement. Time being a constraint, I did not bother to take up the offer. Big mistake!!! I had ordered a portion of Pad Thai noodles also. This was what ticked me off. Apart from the flat noodles, nothing came close to what a Pad Thai is. It was loaded with sprouts and had a sort of gravy. Ate 2 spoons and left the whole dish there itself. It wasn’t worth packing and taking back home. It was clear that the chef had no idea of how to do things. Now even if someone offers to take me there for free, I won’t go.


Rated 1.0 by Jeenal Dave

Argumentative order taker..lack of knowledge in terms of menu...u guys know it all don't you. Never returning back.. had to leave the restaurant due to this attitude

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Arfa

This is a Chinese place near the food court in Phoenix. The decor is based on their Chinese theme. Have visited this place earlier.. But this time we went for their fixed menu 4 course dinner which included a soup, a starter, a rice /noodle and a gravy to go with it. The issue was with the service, they mixed up our orders and one waiter was even a little rude when asked to get the order right. The food is a bit more than you may be able to finish, the portions are good. I liked most of the dishes served, the Manchow soup was really yum. But stay away from the burnt garlic dishes, did not look nor taste very appetizing. Thus, even though the food is good.. If you're looking for a nice hassle-free experience maybe look for another place.