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MRP - My Regular Place

Dr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Road, Dadar East
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MRP - My Regular Place Reviews and Ratings - Dadar East, Mumbai

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Urvee Swaika

Food-3.5 Drinks-4.5 Ambience-Songs are very good Decor-Good Must visit if ur in a group.........................................................


Rated 2.0 by Vrushali Dalvi

The service is good however can be better in terms of having personal attention but the biggest turn off was the DJ...the DJ didn't know how to hold the crowd to enjoy and I believe was only playing his personal favorites which were a major put off. And after insisting changed the track


Rated 3.0 by Komal.Sharma

Went there on a not so busy Monday. Service was slow this time if compared to services which they provide on weekends- The only thing which kept occupied was the games (Jenga,Cards) We’d ordered for Pizza, Chole Kulcha, and paneer tikka (out of the mains) Chole was delicious. I would definitely rate that 4/5. Pizza base was thin but could have been a little crisp than it was actually. 3/5 Paneer tikka should have been much tastier than it was. 2/5 In Mocktails we’d ordered Cucumber Fizz which was Refreshing 4.5/5 and The Unexpected which was unexpectedly disappointing!


Rated 5.0 by Rohan Bidi

Located in Dadar East, near the railway station, MRP is one of a bunch of hotels, all clustered together, and the only one of the lot I hadn't visited. Going on a weekend impromptu maybe wasn't the smartest idea (waiting time), but fortunately it didn't turn out to be as bad as expected. The prices of the drinks depend upon the clock, the cost being dirt cheap before 9 pm. And it gets pricier after that till 12 am, and pricier still beyond that. We began with a pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea, and that created a very good first impression, not being sweet/fruity but giving the feel of a proper, hard liquor cocktail. Next we ordered mains, Khow Suey Chicken Noodles which were top notch, I'm guessing they were Thai, really loved the smoothness of the noodles and the spice of the gravy. Our second mains was Tandoori Chicken Tikka Pizza, and again we weren't disappointed. Loaded with big yummy meat chunks, this is a treat for chicken lovers, and the copious amounts of cheese didn't do any harm either! To wash the mains down, we had some Smirnoff Green Apple, and to wrap it up, the dessert we opted for was Drunken Chocolate Sundae. I found out popcorn in dessert isn't such a great idea, though the brownie crumbs and chocolate mousse saved it from being a complete disaster. A special mention to the staff here. I had forgotten to activate my Zomato Gold, and they on their own asked me if I have a Zomato Gold membership, (thus handing me one free dish) when they could've easily let it pass and charged me that much more. It may not be a very significant difference, but I appreciate the gesture nonetheless. So to sum up then, I strongly recommend MRP, you'll get unbeatable bang for your buck as long as drinks are concerned, if you pop in at the right time, and the food will not disappoint you either, without being exorbitant. A place I will revisit more than a few times, I'm sure.


Rated 4.0 by Akanksha Mhatre

The best part of this place is they have booze at MRP prices from 6-9 everyday! Food quantity and quality is great! I wouldn’t definitely suggest you to have the nachos and chole Tikki! The ambience is good too. The only thing I didn’t like about this place was the music ...even on a Saturday night they played virtual DJ... otherwise it’s a good place to hangout with your folks.