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Monopoly Reviews and Ratings - Matunga East, Mumbai

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Foodscapades

If you are a Jain then Monopoly is your place to be. A restaurant that serves every item on the menu as Jain. But it does serve Non-Jain if asked for. You can indulge in its tastiness at both the outlets, Matunga and Ghatkopar. Starting our meals, here you will find a variety of Khichya Papad. When two of our favourite dishes combine it’s always a delightful experience. The Paneer Chilly Khichiya Papad had the softness and spiciness in the Paneer and the cheese garnished on the crispy papad made it left us wanting for more. Next thing we tried from their menu was Hot Pan Panini. It was served in a cart with tasty Green Chutney and Ketchup along with Masala Kela Wafers (Because Jain) The panini was grilled thoroughly with delicious veggies in between topped with cheese. Coming to the main course, we ordered Mongolian Mixed Sauce Pasta. It was decent enough. Nothing extraordinary though. Wouldn’t really recommend ordering it while you’re there. To get over the not so great pasta, we called for the Margarita Pizza. Loaded with Mozzarella Cheese, it tasted just right and cheesy and tasted amazing. It is a paradise for cheese lovers, leaving us completely satisfied. To check out their drinks menu, we tried Pinacolada. It was served in a fancy devil skeleton glass which made the appearance look soo cool and different but unfortunately, it wasn’t that great in taste. Overall, it was a good experience. The place isn’t huge and ambience is okayish. We had a lot of complaints with the service. Avoiding that we would recommend all the Jains to try out Monopoly at least once to have a Pure Jain Dining Experience in a Cafe. FOODSCAPADES RATES: 7/10


Rated 3.0 by Manan Jayesh Vora

Although this place is difficult to locate, it offers small and cosy ambience. We had pav bhaji fondue, cheese chilly toast and beverage called monopoly special. Food was well served and good to taste. Service was too slow to keep myself waiting for long. Found cost little upward for the kind of food it offers. It appeared that cost was mainly for its serving style than its food. Can consider this place as one time go.


Rated 1.0 by Anjali Shah

The food is too sweet for my taste. The chairs were also uncomfortable. I would not recommend it to anyone. The entry at the Matunga outlet is also not prominent.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Siddhesh Pathak

The location of the place is very hard to find and not good for a restaurant. The food is kinda average. The puri for pani puri was not fresh. Khichiya papad was very tasty though.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Craving Soul

Monopoly is one of the best places to chill with your friends and eat lots of cheesy dishes along with some refreshing juices and shakes. . This place is 10 mins walking from matunga station. . They are opening their 3rd outlet in borivali soon. . The place has cute seating made up of tires. . Maggie pasta in pink sauce This is totally recommended. The amount of cheese they used is so much . The pasta and maggie were perfectly cooked in cream sauce . Highly recommend.❤️ . Paneer khichiya papad Lots of paneer chunks topped on khichiya papad 😍 . It tasted so delicious. And the quantity is also quite good. . Butter cheese pav bhaji I guess they've huge stock of cheese in their store. The bhaji was little bit salty due to extra cheese and butter . So to avoid this they can make bhaji less salty . . Masala pav If you don't have to eat cheesy dishes you can have this . The masala and pav are best combinations after vadapav obviously. . Beverages Watermelon juice , hazelnut shake and mocha coffee All the 3drinks were yummilicious . In the hazelnut there was some taste of coconut that I didn't like much . Rest drinks were perfect in taste . PS - presentation is one of their major attraction . .