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Max Food Court Reviews and Ratings - Andheri East, Mumbai


Rated 3.0 by

It is a small cafe like place run by local owners and ever changing staff ° The taste has never been constant and its always got a surprise with every order • Food- 1. Chicken tandoori- its really well marinated.. and roasted on the charcoal barbeque served with a squeeze of lemon. It has always been good over the time and fills you up real good. 2. Chicken biryani- Normal chicken biryani available in tikka and boneless versions too. Good quantity to fill two stomachs or one hungry stomach. Ambience- Order from here if you stay nearby. You would wanna enjoy it in a place where the stools dont fall off. Price/quantity/quality ratio- Great. Its cheap and for the quality of food ild rate it a 4/5. Negatives- Ever changing taste and wobbly stools. Must try if you live nearby! Dont come all the way here for adventure. Note- havent ordered since a long time so not aware of changing tastes. Follow me on Instagram for more updates..


Rated 3.0 by Burhanuddin Ratlamwala

This place is easy locate on the main road,close to highway and Andheri-East station. Its owned by a Parsi family, therefore, their specialty is Parsi food. The food is undoubtedly delicious, fresh and hygienic. I have practically tasted most of their dishes, and so far I have not been disappointed. My personal favorites: Chicken Farcha (Parsi dish), and Chicken Baida Roti. The delivery takes a bit time, because they make it at that moment. They also have quick bites - ready to eat snacks. Since its a small food joint, I would recommend this place for quick bites, unless you are ordering at home/office. The place is ideal for ordering at home, or to satiate hunger pangs while traveling; not suitable for party or get-together.


Rated 4.0 by FoodRock

This place is more than a decent place to order from. Have ordered once or twice through swiggy and wasn't disappointed at all. Ordered the chicken schezwan cripsy and chill garlic fried rice once and both of them were perfect with the exact amount of spicy I expected. Underrated a bit though


Rated 4.0 by Tanmoy Banerjee

I ordered chicken schezwan lollipop. It was mouth watering good. The quantity was amazing for the price. The staff is good and very descent. The guy on the counter will help u with the dishes be it starters or main course.



Max food court is amazing my most favorite dish here is chicken tandoori roll is amazing I always order from here its delivery is also fast the quality and quantity is superb and all of this at pocket friendly price so it's amazing it's Chinese is also awesome