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Madeena Reviews and Ratings - Dadar East, Mumbai


Rated 4.0 by Food Designz

A place famous for serving south indian style affordable food. The gravy dishes here are good but the parathas are very rubbery since they are made in advance. Biryani is good but basic rice is very thick grained rice which doesnt taste good.


Rated 4.0 by Mahesh Kshirsagar

This restaurant is located at just 3-4 mins walking from dadar station east.  It serves good food for cheap rates. The quantity could easily satisfy a single person appetite. Prawns Masala and Pepper Chicken are good.  Even the chicken biryani and egg biryani are good. Hygiene wise its okish. Service is quick.


Rated 1.0 by Maryknoll Dsouza

Damn you LBB! So this restaurant was suggested by LBB. And I cannot express how disappointed I was with them. Apparently they serve some delicious Crab Masala but it honestly failed to deliver. They definitely got their flavours wrong and also managed to massacre some beautiful crabs. The prawn Masala faired no better and was another disappointment. The only saving grace of this restaurant was their Chicken Biryani and super reasonable pricing.The biryani was packed with flavour, fragrance and spice and that's the only thing I would recommend at this restaurant.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Sonal Vartak

This is a very small joint in Dadar East. You can reach there with the help of Google Maps, it's few meters away from kailash lassi. Definitely not a place for girls. But if you're very short of money and need to eat a hearty non vegetarian meal then you can give this place a try. We ordered for the prawns masala and chicken masala. We went for chapatis with it. The service is super quick as everything is already prepared. It's not so bad when it comes to hygiene. The prawns were amazing in taste and the chicken masala was spicy and nice. The prawns were very tiny and there were so many of them, so I thought they might be karandi but doesn't matter they gravy tasted amazing. Then we went for a chicken biryani, the rice quality was very bad but the chicken was amazing. There was one big piece of chicken at the center with gravy and lots of rice around. You'll definitely want to go check this place out because of the pricing but the only big disappointment is the crowd and the rice quality.


Rated 3.0 by Manmit Niveria

Good food for cheap cost, very close to dadar railway station approx 5 mins. Very tiny place they keep every dish ready so you just have to place the order & get your food with in a minute. Ordered crab masala, mutton masala, parathas & ghee rice. Try once! Cheers & thanks!