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Lord Of The Drinks

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Veera Desai Road, Andheri West
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Lord Of The Drinks Reviews and Ratings - Andheri West, Mumbai


Rated 1.0 by Rajvi Goradia

We went to this place because it boasts of a "4.7" rating on Zomato. The food portions were ridiculously low for the even alarming prices they have charged. Also the service was so so so so bad. We were starving and it wasn't even packed with people. We literally left by 9:30. Didn't try alcohol or the music so I'm guessing that's what's good there.


Rated 5.0 by Neeraj Anchan

Invite#30 As the name suggests Lord Of The Drinks lives up to its expectations. They have another outlet in Lower Parel which is touted as the Asia's longest bar. The one we visited is in Andheri West very close to the Citi mall. The ambience is classy and monumental. You will fall in love with the place as soon as you enter in. Staff is very prompt and friendly. They have an amazing range of classic as well as spiced up cocktails which one cannot cover in a single visit. You can come here again and again and still find new cocktails to try. Thats how big their cocktails collection is. The preparation of the cocktail is as elegant as the cocktail itself. Full marks to the skilled bartenders. You could enjoy some of the amazing slow motion shots of these cocktails on my Instagram handle. Some of the best recommended cocktails are as follows :- 🔸🔹MUMBAI MARGARITA🔹🔸 🔸🔹BULL FIRE🔹🔸 🔸🔹ROSEMARY BLUEBERRY OLD FASHIONED🔹🔸 🔸🔹BASILICO🔹🔸 🔸🔹MELON TWIST🔹🔸 🔸🔹LOTD LIIT🔹🔸 Now coming to the food, they expertise in Finger food, Continental, European, North Indian cuisines. So they have covered everything to cater to customers having different taste. Now I absolutely loved their Fish Food. Somehow we ordered two different Prawns dishes and fell in love with both of them. Not just prawns, there were other dishes too which impressed me like anything. 🔸🔹MASALA CORN CAKES🔹🔸 Butter fried Corn cakes served with beautifully crafted spicy coconut chutney on the dish. 🔸🔹TRUE NACHOS BOWL🔹🔸 I love Nachos and what better than this Nachos bowl filled with Classic salsa Tortilla crisp with chesse overloaded and topped with sour cream. Its a treat to an eye. 🔸🔹SOUTHERN FRIED PRAWNS🔹🔸 Fiery spicy fried prawns cooked in Nimbu mirchi cream and sweet pickled onions reminded me of Mangalorian styled preparation which we locally call puli-munchi (Nimbu-Mirchi) in Tulu. 🔸🔹CHETTINAD PRAWNS🔹🔸 An absolute delight for your hunger pangs. Those big fresh and soft slow cooked Chettinad Prawns in piette onions came with Malabar Parota. This combination was Lit! 🔸🔹PEPPER PISTACHIO MUTTON KADHAI🔹🔸 Pepper and Pistachio cooked delicious Mutton boti served with Malabar Parantha. By the end of all this, we had little space left for Desserts and here comes the ultimate Milk Cake Pie 🔸🔹MILK CAKE PIE🔹🔸 Baked Milk Cake with Crispy Milk Pudding served in edible tart and not to forget the burnt marshmallows on the sides. Had to be the final nail in the coffin. So must say, my first experience with #LOTD was absolutely amazing and I can't wait to explore Asia's Longest bar which is their other outlet in the city soon.


Rated 5.0 by Anand Jethwani (dontblamebelly)

Location/size: This super gem is hidden somewhere behind Infinity mall and is not visible from the busy road......"To achieve happiness you may need to travel a long road". So it was worth finding it..... The road outside the outlet is completely in a bad shape.... but lets travel the path that takes us inside the Lord's palace.... It's huge but not as bigger as its Lower parel outlet ofcourse..... The lights were glittering in the dark and its ambience completely takes you to a different era...... They have the floor upstairs which is only open during weekends..... The seats and dining table are comfortable keeps you cozy throughout these delighful hours.... especially Thank you Vishal and Prahlad for giving an extra attention to our table..... Food: This outlet is costlier as compared to the other competitors in the vicinity.....However, one will always remember the presentation of every dish which compel you to view it till minutes and not eat/drink.... The list of items ordered by me were: Snacks/dinner 1. Chicken 65 fries 2. Arabic chicken took a 3. Veg gyoza 4. Southern fried prawns 5. True nachos bowl 6. Masala corn cakes 7. Aloo bravas 8. Pepper pistachio mutton kadhai 9. Chettinad prawns Dessert 1. Milk cake pie Cocktails/mocktails 1. Mumbai margarita 2. Butter beer 3. Lotd limit 4. Bull fire 5. Rosemary blueberry4old fashioned 6. Lychee desire 7. Basilica 8. Melon twist There is nothing from the above that left me disappointed...... Everything was so fresh and beyond my expectations that I would suggest you to visit this place one and henceforth you will love to keep visiting.... from the preacher of the lord of the drinks.... Happy eating... #foodie #delivery #zomatoid #zomatoid #diningroom #lunch #meal #mealprep #breakfast #dinner #chinesefood #noodles #eatclean #beverages #diningroom #dining #diningtable #foody #foodism #food #foodreview #reviews #review #zomatoid #zomato #zomatoph #zomatoaus #Blog #bloggerstyle #bloggerlife #blogspot #blogging #bloggers #blogto #blogilates #bloger #blogg #blogpost #foodblogfeed #bloglife #lotd #lord #lordofthe #lordofthedrinks #lordofthedrinks🍻🍺


Rated 2.0 by The Foodstraunaut

Very expensive place. I did not find it worth. The interiors are nice. Order for a beer and it took 30 mins to get it on my table. If they improve their service and think again about pricing would like to visit and explore more food options.


Rated 5.0 by Ali Azaan

Lord of the drinks.what an amazing place ! I stay nearby and literally used to overlook this place, thanks to Preeti who suggested this place. The moment you enter, the ambience gives you a very positive vibe.The food served is very delicous, cocktails are very unique, food is very tasty and service is very prompt. The place was packed , appreciate  Manager Kunal who tried and managed to give us seats and constantly took rounds to check if all was satisfactory. Our Server Prahallad ensured that our food was served pronptly..  Cheers to the hospitaity of the F&B team. Bubbling LIIT is a must try..Mutton Biryani, Grilled Chi Steak ,Arabic Chi  Tikka was delicous and a must have. Presentation and taste was Superb. Highly recommended !