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Little Italy Reviews and Ratings - Juhu, Mumbai


Rated 5.0 by Sweta Agarwal

I visited this place for a family dinner looking for some authentic Italian food and this place simply lived up to the expectations. Found it newly renovated with lovely interiors pleasing the mood and comfortable and colourful seating. I ordered 'Manali' pizza thin crust loaded with italian herbs, mushrooms, black olives & loads of mozzarella cheese. The steward was kind enough to take our order as per our kid friendly need for half pizza with spice and rest half without spice. Thumbs up for this one. I also ordered hummus with pita bread platter. It has always been my favourite from ' Little Italy ' ... perfect melt in the mouth. Had a great time with #bira by the side!!!


Rated 5.0 by Pooja

Visited this Italian food joint.... Loved the interiors... Couldn't photograph the interiors much as the restaurant was full! The first dish we ordered was BEANS TACOS.... Loved these crunchy tacos which came with a sweet salsa. The filling of soft beans, some lettuce and cheese combined with the salsa was delicious! Next we went for the BOMBAY PIZZA .... It's quite a huge pizza, enough for 3-4 pax. The crust was good and the pizza tasted nice too. But as mentioned, the sauce on the base wasn't that spicy... Mushrooms were lots... Paneer chunks were good... Overall a good pizza in Italian style... Those who love the typical pizzas we get elsewhere... This one's not for you! But they have many other dishes on their menu to suit the Indian palate. BTW... Let me warn you.... They have got one hell of a spicy Chilli Flakes... Real ones! I had my tongue burning... Have topped lots of dishes with chili flakes before, but haven't come across such spicy ones! So do be careful before sprinkling some... And the Spice Lovers... Njoy... These ones are for you!


Rated 4.0 by Mitesh Garg

I have tried their fixed menu dinner buffet and found it a value for money deal The welcome drink was amazing.....Though we were allowed the pick a starter each person....the staff was courteous and served us all the started....out of which I loved their nachos..... The main course was equally good and I liked their penny pasta and the mini pizzas served by them The minus point was the tiramisu....which was way below the standard Overall a good place with nice decor and courteous staff


Rated 5.0 by Parikshit Asrani

The Little Italy has reopened .and we went there they have got a new menu which doesn't disappoint at all we tried the mini Lebanese jar and seriously I wish it was never ending coz it was so yummy.and the sunflower pizza was absolutely instead of the bellt pepper we added the mushroom and it turned out the right way.and for dessert we had the mango cheese 🍰.omg it was again superb.waiting to visit again


Rated 3.0 by Javal Shah

Amazing food. Perfect gravy and quantity but ... The way they serve their food is not at all appealing. Unlike most restaurants in mumbai, they serve food in a normal dish which compromises the aesthetic part. It should be as appealing as the price they charge per dish. $$$ The outdoor seating was good but should be more spacious. The delicious food bagged all 3 ☆☆☆