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Let's Bake Reviews and Ratings - Mulund East, Mumbai


Rated 5.0 by Sampada Khair

You get the best cakes here Not so sweet , and really fresh If you want to buy a cake for birthday This is the best shop for you ! Even delicious pastries !!


Rated 4.0 by Meghana

This is an excellent bakery shop made in mulund east by popular Hari Om sweet shop of Mulund. Just like its original shop, this bakery shop also has a huge variety in its food items. It serves a variety of wonderful cakes, biscuits, cookies, breads, chocolates, namkeens and many more items too. I would like to call this shop as best bakery shop of mulund east.


Rated 1.0 by Kruti.rajani88

When Newly Opened------- This is the BEST Bakery in Mulund East and you get good varieties of almost everything!!! This place is a complete Package which delivers Quality, Taste and VFM. Almost all my occasion Cakes comes from here and its always Fresh!!! This place has never disappointed me....Must Try:- ★Whole Wheat or Regular Ladi Pav ★Cakes / Pastries ★Jalebi ( This is the Best Jalebi I ever had & I mean it, small & stays crispy even on 4th Day; Try it to believe it) ★ Khandvi (Very soft thin Gujarati Carpets:) ★ Cream Hotdog Bun ★ Methi Khari ★ Cherry Almong Bar (Cake Loaf) ★ Garlic Bread Loaf This is my favourite list but I can bet you nothing will disappoint you and everything is soo freshly made:):):) Hope they Maintain their Consistently High Standard of Quality:):):) 7th March,2018 REVIEW------ A clear example of success taken to head !!! I never expected this from Hari Om Family. Quality has deteriorated so rapidly that I fall short of words. Their Ladi pav which I use to rave about is the worst now. Even after telling the management it seems every complain has fallen to deaf ears. Even their Manchurian Rolls which has balls under cooked but thay are not bothered even after bringing to their notice. Pastries are not always fresh(also on sweeter side) and pricey which makes it not worthy at all. I think the new generation is not able to carry their legacy so gracefully or simply they are riding high on their "GOODWILL" . Initially their piping hot samosas were best with crispy covering and now its just becomes soggy. Even their Red Garlic Chutney which is served with Vada Pav is gone so bad as they have changed the recipe and added grated coconut and onions which becomes smelly and spoils in summer as its made early in the morning. So a disastrous experience all in all. I hope my review reaches to the right management person !!!!


Rated 5.0 by TheSaucyXplorer (Sneha Naidu)

It's our favorite bakery! Since months we have been buying here the bakery items and it has never disappointed us. We have almost tried most of the items like the pastries, cupcakes, kharis, cookies , muffins, fruit toasts, breads , sesame butter are all a must try. All the items are fresh and tasty to have at tea time. Being a dessert lover i can tell they sure do sell some flavoursome and delicious dessert items. Friendly staff and good service which makes us come here frequently.


Rated 4.0 by Mekhala Laud

Got their bite size pastries from Vidula Prabhu on my birthday! !! They were awesome!!! The sponge is sooo soft and the cream layers have perfect flavour and consistency Pineapple ,blueberry and chocolate pastries were delicious Would love to visit this place soon!!