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Krusty Cone Reviews and Ratings - Parel, Mumbai


Rated 5.0 by Food Chain Mumbai

Krusty Cone located opposite to ladoo samrat, Parel. They are newly opened but trust me its a worth visiting this place. We had the following food items: •Mumbai Chaat Crunchy cone filled with chaat with a perfect blend of sweet and sour taste to give you the feel of having chaat in new and more yummy style with cheese. •Sichuan Spring Veggie Crispy cone with spicy vegetable filling. This crunchy cone is for the people who loves to eat spicy food. •Potato Fries N Creme Cheese This crunchy cone with creme cheese is especially made for kids. Where they can enjoy the whole cheesy fillings. They have variety of milkshakes different from others. •Milkshakes •Bubblegum Strawberry An amazing milkshake that tastes so good. •Blueberry Creme Cheese This blueberry milkshake is a bit healthier to indulge your sweet tooth. •Waffles •Salted Caramel This was crunchy, salty, soft and loaded with caramel. •Nutella Choc Indulgence Crunchy on the outside, soft and fluffy inside. We would like to recommend people visiting here to eat Mumbai Chaat, Potato Fries N Creme Cheese & Bubblegum Strawberry Milkshake.


Rated 4.0 by Rakhi Sonkusare

Amazing and cute lil place!! I tried Ferrero Rocher shake but it was simply awesome and chilled.. Also had Jalapeno and olive creme cheese cone served with a portion of salted fries and trust me you have to keep ur stomach half empty for this cheesy fun!! Piri piri fries were too good with mayo dip Good food and good company is all you need.. A must visit🤩!!


Rated 5.0 by Vignesh

Initially one would wonder...why would anyone go out n change the way of eating a Traditional Pizza by presenting it in the shape of a Cone...Trust me!!...this place isn't going to disappoint you...the concept of having a pizza handy as well as satisfying your craving of a having a traditional pizza on the go just tends to blow your mind...while the Traditional pizza cones are a match to any other fancy pizzeria...this place has options for the Mubaikars as well...with The Mumbai Chaat Pizza Cone & Vada Paav cone on their menu... On trying the trying out the Mumbai Chaat Pizza Cone I experienced a complex but complete satisfaction...wherein the mind's in a state that it's having a pizza...but the heart's experiencing a complete satisfaction of the Chaat that we may get on our streets... A lovely place to try out...!! Highly Recommended!! PS. They have a variety of Shakes n Waffle sticks as well.