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Jimis Burger

New Link Road, Andheri West
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Jimis Burger Reviews and Ratings - Andheri West, Mumbai


Rated 4.0 by Grizel Carvalho

Very patient while taking order and amazing ambience, the lighting is good too. Variety in menu and food is served according to what the persons capacity is.


Rated 4.0 by Biswadeep Chakravarty

Andheri branch. Visited this place along one day after work. Had heard about the place from following a band called Zygnema (awesome music btw) and incessant buzz on social media. Was not disappointed with the place at all! Inspite of the ridiculous amount of hype surrounding it. It's well placed! I ordered the pork burger and the famous chicken jawbreaker. Barely managed to finish the former. Had to pack the latter. The food is really tasty. The meat seems fresh and the burgers are made to perfection. Also had glass of very refreshing nimbu Pani. Very reasonably priced. Great service. Completely worth it! The decor and ambience reflect the founder's ethos: good music and laid back. Presumably, of course! :) A must visit. P.S. The management should explore starting home deliveries!! Insane orders await!!!


Rated 5.0 by Kriti

If you're craving a good filling burger, this is the place to be. It was a girls night & we had a Jaw Breaker & a chicken herb cheese burger with mozzarella sticks & fries with cheese & bacon; iced teas on the side. Its safe to say, we didn't talk while we had food on the table. Overall, a perfect girls night out location, coz a girl's gotta eat right? 😁


Rated 4.0 by PP

If you're looking for heaven on a plate, served between freshly baked buns... Jimis is for you! I took one bite of their regular chicken burger and experienced love at first bite 😍 and boy am I still smitten... If you're a light eater... Starve yourself because you're conscience will not allow you to leave your meal unfinished. Apart from the fabulous food and a burst of flavours to savour, their signs are quiet a fun read too! Keep it up... I'll be back SOON 😎


Rated 4.0 by La Fille Gourmande

This place has been trending these days. I am a diehard fish lover so I happened to try their Fish burger. IT WAS DELICIOUS! The fish was batter fried and crisp and the burger was layered with the coleslaw salad and tartare sauce. All the fish lovers out there this is like a must try. Also we had their cheese tease burger since it was getting too famous on the Internet, but frankly speaking , it dint fascinate me at all . They split open the burger and serve and pour the melted cheese on top, which is why since the cheese is open to air, it becomes less hot till it’s served and cold till it’s had. And cheese only stays goey when it’s hot and covered. So I dint really like it cuz the cold and hard cheese was not something i liked but yes Fish burger is the must try!