Ice Cream Works

Mascharenhas Road, Byculla
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Ice Cream Works Reviews and Ratings - Byculla, Mumbai


Rated 2.0 by Mohammed

Highly disappointed with this outlet and their icecreams. To start with the outlet worn a deserted look with 2 sad looking service guys.I wanted to go for a sundae but they informed they are out of fresh cream..Still I ordered and thats when I ruined my Sunday evening. Happy Chocolate Caramel: looking at the posters I presumed that it will have chocolate icecream at the base with caramel chips or sauce to go with and some flavours but they served it with caramel icecream and chocolate sauce.When asked why the poster shows different ...I was told that it's just a representation and not to be taken as actual.After some argument they agreed to change the caramel icecream and replace it with choclate Don't worry Nutty : Again it's served with caramel icecream and nuts but the nuts were so stale that the taste was bitter and to top it all the caramel icecream was so sweet that you literally feel like eating sugar Fresh Litchi Rabadi : Good flavour ...Can feel the richness if Litchi My recommendation is to not go for sundaes at all as they are too sweet and just a preparation of Hersheys chocolate sauce ,some wafer and icecream. You can try independent flavours and see if something is good I would never try this outlet again


Rated 5.0 by Fatema

Tired trying same ice creams.. visit ICW..different flavours ice cream served here..they have different variants & fresh flavours ice cream served.. small place good taste.. must visit for ice cream lovers.. 😍


Rated 5.0 by Only Good Food

Ice Cream Work is an amazing place to have the best ice creams of your choice 🍧🍨 you should surely try out the place. I have tried it and I liked it go try it for yourself I am sure you will like it.


Rated 3.0 by Saba Ladha

Nice ice creams. Better you have it there on the spot. Home delivery is really not very good. Thier chocolate flavours is the most unique ones I prefer the ready cups out three instead of waffles .


Rated 2.5 by Aliasgar Lokhandwala

This Review is strictly for the 15% off scheme. Which is fake. I ordered from Ice cream works. They gave me a 15% off(which I didn't need or ask for) on my total bill amount. But when the final order was delivered there was no discount. I was forced to pay the non discounted amount. Although the difference amount wasn't much but that's a flaw in either the marketing or management system. If they do not wish to give a discount they should just remove their scheme rather than false marketing their customers into buying them. It's unethical. Nothing against the ice creams though. Love them