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Gala Food Corner

Mulund East
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Gala Food Corner Reviews and Ratings - Mulund East, Mumbai


Rated 4.0 by Arvind Gadoya

Amazing place where you vl get ample variety of snacks,khakhra ,etc...Little bit expensive but quality is good.Staff is good and vl.make to taste items that you would like to go for it...


Rated 4.0 by Avinash Yadav

Huge variety of items available. You will be confused once you will visit. Service 4.8/5 Taste :- 4/5 Vicinity 5/5 Chaat /Dosa specialist Zinni Dosa is something which can be tried over here😍😍


Rated 2.0 by Kalashree Pendharkar

Gala food corner is centrally located and hence convinient to purchase snacks/sweets and other items like bread/ imported food products etc. The chat and dosas they serve seem more hygienic than the road side ones.. but they have their own share of flies etc. The zini dosa was really good. But the counter has been shut for a while now. About other products 1. The staff at this place are trained to force you to try things that you don't want to.. and you end up buying them out of the guilt of tasting so many things. 2. The cost is higher than it would be at other places. They do offer seasonal products on the counter outside.. like various flavored shrikhands etc. Sometimes ready to eat mixes etc. But the attitude of the staff is always to force u to buy something they want to sell. Irrespective of your need. I also have an experience of being suggested to buy an expensive product when another cheaper option was available. After a couple of annoying experiences . . I have totally stopped visiting this place. Especially because there are so many other good shops present on the way to mulund east station.


Rated 3.0 by Deep Fried

Gala Food Corner is a nice place for snacks items, chat n sweets.. been there a few times and regular snack items are upto the expectations.. you'll like some n may not like some based on your taste.. but it has something for everyone.. Chat experience on the other hand has varied over last few months.. paani puri is average.. dahi kachori chat, dahi puri are okay. Didn't like delhi chaat at all.. Having chat here is more hygienic than the road side chaatwaalas which is the only plus point! Ppl inside the shop will let you try various snack items so that you can decide what to buy.. give it a try!!


Rated 2.5 by Kavita Kawade

Had been a couple of times to this place to buy everyday items like bread and dosa batter. I would say if you are planning to buy such items from this place please keep your eyes wide open for the expiry date as these guys seem to goof up big time on that front. So he first time I picked up bread from the outside counter and was about to leave when out of habit happened to check the best before date. Surprisingly the date was already 2 days past the last date. I showed this to the guy at the counter and he promptly replaced it getting fresh stock from inside. Probably the idea is to target unaware customers and get rid of old stock. Second time I picked ID dosa batter and the counter guy almost snatched it from the store boy and stuffed in the plastic bag before I cud check the date. I anyways walked out and checked the date on the way. As expected, it was to expire next day. I raised it up and the manager did the usual drama of shouting on the store boy for keeping old stuff and got another fresh stock bag. I am pretty sure after these two experiences that Gala Food Corner stocks old stuff and sells it to customers who do the mistake of not checking before leaving the store.