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Froot Cafe Reviews and Ratings - Borivali East, Mumbai

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Aditi Kkar

The place started with a big bang about 5-6 years back I guess and we were super delighted to have a healthy (not coffee but fruit juice)cafe in the neighbourhood! I was slightly overpriced but was worth the ambiance and food they served. I was not around for a few years and found that it had moved to the opposite street and started a variety of other food items like pizza, burgers and biryanis. Though the food is great!( we have tried only a few things) the juices are not the same anymore. Very often they don't have some or the other fruit, they are like any other Udupi place. Its still a good place to hang out with a friend in between meals at a very reasonable price.


Rated 2.0 by Abhishek Chhapwale

This is a very small food joint near to my house. Tried only a few pizzas here so I will keep my review short. So we ordered veg duo and veg delite pizzas. The pizzas were very basic home made looking ones. The taste was good but not worth the price of Rs. 140 each. The place is small and thus there's is nothing to shout about the ambience. The service was okay. Taste: 5.5/10 Ambience: 5/10 Service: 5/10 Value for money: 5/10


Rated 2.5 by Mukul Mundale

We went here for juice after having sandwich at the Dharma's. They had put up different reviews written by people about the cafe and after reading the reviews we decided to order green mojito (as it was recommended) but the staff said we don't have any fruit juices right now you can order only milk shakes if you want. It was really an irony that cafe named as froot cafe had no fruits. Because of this we ordered mango milkshake and rose milkshake and both were good. There are too many things that they need to improve and i hope the management will work on it.


Rated 2.5 by Vishal Nair

I wish the people who take orders and address for home delivery are a bit more literate and educated, if not polite.... Truly a DISAPPOINTMENT...


Rated 1.0 by Anket Rudraksha

Worst place ever for ordering pizza. This was the only decent place near my sis's home to order a good pizza except for dominos. I deleted my old review in which i rated it at 3.5 stars, after the sour experience I had a few months back and replacing the review slipped out of my mind so I am doing it now. I ordered pizza for a home delivery from an app called tiny owl because the owner suggested me to do so. I ordered a veg hungama which has 4 toppings and I ordered paneer as extra topping. What I got was a bad pizza which wasn't even made properly, all the cheese on the pizza was shifted to one side because "apparently" the delivery boy wasn't careful enough to keep the box still. Not only that but there was also only one topping on the pizza which was paneer. I wondered what happened to the other toppings so I called them up. They said it was printed on the bill as 1 Hungama pizza with Paneer written in bracket and in the bill I was charged for the pizza plus the extra topping. Now seeing this bill most normal intellectual people would know that I have ordered a hungama pizza and paneer as an extra topping. But these illiterates at the restaurant assumed that I want a hungama pizza but want to replace all the toppings and instead add paneer. If I was getting the toppings replaced why would I be charged for extra toppings, genius? And why oh why someone in their senses would order a pizza with four toppings and pay for the whole thing then go on to delete all the four toppings and pay extra money to add paneer. Wouldn't I just order a paneer pizza instead?. The owner on the phone was pretty rude and said its not their fault that they assumed I ordered in this stupid manner cause of the way bill was printed. A nice and professional person in a restaurant business would admit his mistake and replace the pizza which apparently this guy isn't. So I would strongly recommend not to order from this joint.