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Rated 4.0 by Theconfusedhogger

Are you tired of eating the regular chicken everywhere? Chicken fried, chicken tandoori, chicken kebab everywhere? This place serves Mountain dew Chicken. Yes! You've got it correct, chicken glazed over mountain dew. But that's not the only thing, they are even serving you jaw breaking burgers, healthy smoothies, big plates and fried Oreos, Snickers in the dessert section. Are all these good enough for you to visit or should I even describe more? But here's a detailed review of their specialities: Mountain dew chicken We are very used to eating spicy flavored chicken but here you're gonna have the sweet type of chicken. It's not the barbeque sweet, it's the sweetness of mountain dew glazed on it. Soft, chewy like never before tossed with mountain dew and served with blue cheese dip. Here's a new way you can eat chicken. The Notorious burger This 3 layered burger not just looks huge but it's quite a challenge to get all the layers in one go. Double chicken minced patty served with double cheese, chicken ham, chicken bacon, chicken salami, fried egg with flipside special sauce. Fried Snickers Remember the Snickers Chocolate you had? Well, here's what people can make out of it deep fried Snickers topped all over with Chocolate sauce and served with Chocolate ice cream is this Chocolate covered dessert. Not just 1, but now I think I've convinced you for more than one reasons to visit this place.


Rated 4.0 by Bombayliciouss

Flipside Burger and More opened doors to it's outlet, this month at the opposite side of Annex Mall Borivali (East). One of the problems we often face between Dahiser and Borivali is finding a decent outlet for quick snacks. Flipside Burger and More is the solution to this problem though they do have a few shortcomings on which they need to work upon and then they'll be good to go. To start off with, -Nachos with Chicken Keema and Cheese: The combination of nachos with loads and loads of shredded chicken tenders melted cheese was lip smacking scrumptious and indeed a mind blowing dish with little creamy flavor of cheese and spicy flavor of finely chopped green chilly. Highly Recommended. -Mountain Dew Chicken Wings: This was a Complete failure where chicken wings were experimented with mountain dew, fried chicken wing tossed in zesty citrus spicy sauce with a base of mountain dew. The wings had a rather sweeter taste. Wasn't happy with the dish at all. -Lemon Fried wings: Fried wings tossed with butter sauce and lemon pepper, was a much better dish than the previous one but not something to brag about. A little more attention can take it to another level in terms of the taste. -Raclette Style Burger: Chicken minced Patty served on a bread of caramelized onion and iceberg lettuce, tossed with reclette of four cheese served at your table. -Naples Haven Chicken Burger: Available in both chicken as well as veg patty topped with secret sauce and cheese between two mini overloaded pizza. This dish was too good and I will probably visit this place only for this. Highly Recommended. Lastly for the dessert we had, Fried Snicker with Nutella and Vanilla Ice Cream Again a recommended dish. The outlet has got a pretty cool ambience with a football theme . Good staff and a nice place to visit.


Rated 4.0 by Craving Soul

Visited this new place in thakur village after a hectic day. I loved their menu card❤️ Ambience is friendly and cute. . I tried mango haberno chicken wings It was sweet in taste . They told us you'll get a little punch of spicyness but there was nothing. . Nutella and Oreo shake It was not thick . Oreo one was Little thicker than the Chocolate one. . Garlic mayo fries I loved this dish genuinely. The sauce was tangy , sweet , spicy all the flavors in one sauce. Loved it. . Pizza burger Instead of buns they've used pizzaa . It was a combination of pizza and burger ❤️ Proper taste of cheese and patty. Patty was little bit dry . . Deep fried Oreo It was amazing in taste. Properly fried and proper sugar content in it . . You have to visit this place if you are a burger lover. They have so many options in burgers. They have nachos , fries, wings , Desserts, shakes also

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Anaghagangurde10

If words could suffice how delighted I am with this Raclette veg burger ! And the dripping cheese is such a plus point. It was indeed filling and AMAZING. So finally something good to break the monotony of the same old veg burgers. Definitely gonna visit this place again!


Rated 4.0 by Nikhil Kargutkar

Raclette is one word I had never imagined can be associated with burgers , This idea is just amazing 4 melted cheese on your juicy burger available in both chicken and vegetarian options . Hands down the best . Amazing amazing amazing !!!!!