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JP Road, Andheri West
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About Fatboys Kitchen

Located in Andheri (West), Fatboy's Kitchen is a popular cafe that serves a variety of Burgers, Sandwiches, Shakes, etc. The cafe is popular for its late night deliveries throughout Juhu, Andheri & Bandra.


Burger, Fast Food



JP Road, Shop No. 7, Dadabhai Road, Near Lion Kartar Singh Hospital, Andheri West, Mumbai

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+91 9769123524, +91 9619337824, +91 9819073024, +91 9167980973

Average cost

Cost for two - 700

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  • Serves - Serves Non Veg
  • Reservation - Not Required

Note: Reservation requirements can be different for offers, please refer to offer details before buying.

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12 PM - 4 PM

6 PM - 3 AM


12 PM - 4 PM

6 PM - 3 AM


12 PM - 4 PM

6 PM - 3 AM


12 PM - 4 PM

6 PM - 3 AM


12 PM - 4 PM

6 PM - 3 AM


12 PM - 4 PM

6 PM - 3 AM


12 PM - 4 PM

6 PM - 3 AM

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Fatboys Kitchen Reviews


Rated 1.0 by Shadaab Kasim on Aug 03,2018

HISTORY AND ORDER - Once upon a time, Fatboy's kitchen was the one place where I would order burgers from, the time where I would also order their Oreo milkshake as the perfect thing to sip on. That was a couple of years ago. Forward to August 2018 and I have a sudden hankering for a good burger plus shake. Fatboy's kitchen was the first eatery that popped in my head. Skimming through the menu, I was kinda peeved to see the milkshake section was removed. I ordered my usual Double Beef Classic American Burger with a brownie and a coke. Surprisingly the order came quiet early and I was pleased, which did not span for that long. APPEARANCE - The contents of the plain white box, which was taped by half a "Zomato" label, was somewhat underwhelming. The burger was in a food grade (hopefully) paper which was taped together with (you guessed it) the other half of the "Zomato" label. A few packets of ketchup signifying burger box decorum. I was guessing the fries were hiding under the burger. I lift the burger to get me some fries. Not what I expected. The fries are fat and tanned, not golden, and there was definitely nothing french about them. I am pretty sure those were potato wedges and I am pretty sure it's french fries written in the description. The brownie residing in a small little packet, handed seperately, was extremely underwhelming as i was expecting the brownie to be atleast industry standard size for the price on the menu. TASTING - First order of business was to get that sweet sugary treat in a glass so I could enjoy a Classic American one bite at a time. I turn the cap and the fizz sprays out all the sugary content (that generally does not happen unless the bottle is shaken quite vigorously). Perfect start I suppose. I clean up and take a sip. I take the burger out and take a bite, imagining the delivery of the taste and impression that was left the last time i had one of these bad boys. All that vanished. The burger tasted rancid. The patties were foul and it felt like they fished it out of the bottom of the barrel, atleast one of the patties definitely was. The pickle was nonexistent and the condiments just jumbled the entire flavour of the burger. The only flavours that was extremely noticeable was the sour taste coming from the patties mixed with the burnt bit of the bottom of the bun, with tomatoes being the occasional saviour. Even the cheese could not mask the terrible taste. The brownie was great but as I took a bite out of it, the paper was still attached at the bottom and I ended up eating a bit of it. Outsourced brownie. Coke is well coke. EXPERIENCE - One word. Horrid. I did not expect a place like this to dwindle down to the point that the only good thing that they served was outsourced by a nearby bakery which I can source for literally half the price. This is a prime example of a place who stop caring about the food and more so about the people they serve the food too. The packaging did not grow neither did the menu. All the niceties could be forgiven if the food was spectacular. It was spectacularly horrendous, and if as an establishment they were going for that, they won all the accolades. It's one thing thing to serve a burger that is off tasting because of the flavour setup or change in condiments, it's completely another if the burger tasted foul and the only saving grace was the outsourced item. The Cola is another pet peeve as that amount of spray usually happens when it's not handled properly. PRICE - I usually recalled Fatboy's Kitchen to be worth the price tag. This time round it suffices to say that I payed for once expensive brownie and a coke. I could have allocated that much to get myself some Chinese food, multiple times. All this with 15 % discount on the Zomato app, which is made redundant as the delivery charges are over and above what you'd expect to pay for delivery for food.

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