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Fantasie Reviews and Ratings - Kalbadevi, Mumbai

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by The_foodie_friends

Zeba Kohli has reinvented chocolate under her label " Fantasie Fine Chocolate" by creating not only a huge spectrum of flavours and offerings, ​but also ​including a bespoke collection for weddings and special occasions and even chocolates for diabet​ics​ and dental issues​. We got a chance to sample some of her luscious chocolates at the launch of her youtube channel and absolutely loved the delicacies that we were offered. All the chocolates were exquisite and absolutely delectable. They have a vast variety of chocolates to offer which are a delight for the chocolate lovers. We loved it and would recommend you'll to try it out too.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Foodtraveler14

Designed by Chocolatier Zeba Kohli, are so pleasing to the eye, that you might think twice before biting in. From mouthwatering pistachio pastries and dark chocolate cakes to raspberry and macaroons ans chocolate decadent cookies FFC have got it all.  With an unmatched quality of cocoa their chocolates will not only delight the senses but also remain healthy and  scrumptious delicacies.


Rated 4.0 by Tie

I have always been awe of Zeba Kohli. That woman has taken over her ancestral business with utmost perfection and enhanced it even further. Fantasie means class. It has always meant nothing but the best. The almond rocks or the praline n trufle flavours in chococolate have been introduced to us by Fantasie. Every important occasssion meant a box of these goodies for me. Especially my best Diwali gifts to my precious business clients. The rich creaminess of the best quality of chocolates is felt in every bite. They have been as old in business as almost 50 to 60 years. So over the years so many varieties have been innovated by them. They have sugar free, white, dark, milk and healthy varieties to choose from. My favorite the almond rocks n the dark chocs. The prices are on the steep side for sure. But i guess some brands cannot be negotiated with over price.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Mangesh Dhaimade

As they rightly say...the most sincere love is the love for chocolates! This place just strengthen my love for chocolates :) This is place boasts of some of the best chocolates in town and yeah mind it they are priced on the higher side, but worth every penny spent. The assorted variety, the dark flavours, the chocolate novelties are something to drool for. The marshmellows, jujube and marzipan are simply irresistible. The almond rock and walnut rock are equally superb in taste. To simply sum it up...if you love chocolates, you will be in love with this place. Cheers!


Rated 4.0 by Simmi Sareen

Zeba Kohli did not head home like other children did after school. She went instead to her grandfather's chocolate shop in Marine Lines. As her grandfather and her mother went about their business of making and selling chocolates from the first 'Fantasie Chocolate', she sat in the office and finished her homework. Maybe she didn't want to become a chocolatier at first - she mentions that she studied Physics. But it was at an early age that Zeba took over the reins of the family business and not much later that she became a chocolatier extraordinaire, creating sweet treats that are synonymous with artisan chocolate in Mumbai.The transition could not have been easy. After all, Zeba was not trained as a chef. But her inquisitive nature kicked in when she joined the business and she added to all the chocolate knowledge she had absorbed from her family by going to training courses around the world. "My grandfather will call one of his pastry chef friends in France and I will go intern with them for a month", she recalls. Well trained and back in India, Zeba also had to learn finance and accounting and everything else that goes into running a business. "I believe in doing everything well" says Zeba and she really did well as she upgraded her chocolate factory and expanded the franchise to what are now six shops scattered all over Mumbai.When I go to meet Zeba at the original Marine Lines store her grandfather first opened in 1946, her energy and passion is palpable. Even as we are talking about her life story, she keeps a lookout for any customer who needs a suggestion or little bits out of place that her staff needs to know about. Treating her staff like family is another thing Zeba learned from her grandfather. No wonder then that she bucks the industry trend of high employee turnover - her store manager tells me he's been there for more than a decade.Fantasie sells the most chocolate during Diwali - I get their almond clusters as gift pretty much every year - and they are just gearing up for the next rush over Christmas and New Year as I visit. Zeba tells me that milk chocolate and almond clusters (or anything with nuts really) continue to remain her bestsellers. That hasn't stopped Zeba from experimenting though. She was a brand ambassador for Barry Callebaut and a judge for the World Chocolate Masters Championship for many years running. At her store, Zeba offers everything from 100% chocolate to unique flavours like wasabi for some of her discerning, well travelled customers. I also spot a chocolate game she has created for kids, while a video shows super creative chocolate projects Zeba has done over the years.I always ask sugarcrafters if they tire of all the sweets around them. But Zeba, I don't have to ask. As she offers me a taste of her 100% chocolate sweetened only by date slivers, she pops in a couple herself, clearly enjoying the experience. We try her christmas special of chocolate dipped candied orange peel together and then move on to macarons and cookies Zeba has recently added to the menu. I ask her if the bakery is a new addition and she corrects me, telling about the bakery her grandfather ran at the same place the Marine Lines store is at now, and the macaroons he used to make. I don't think Zeba could have found a better way to continue his legacy.So now that Zeba has met her goals of building a better manufacturing plant and more outlets for her chocolate brand, what's next for Fantasie? Zeba tells me how much she loves teaching and while she no longer mentors the contestants for world chocolate championship, a chocolate academy is very much on the cards. She's already been doing chocolate pairings and gazillion of workshops at Starbucks and Kala Ghoda Festival and what not but soon you might be able to learn chocolate making from her at her Marine Lines store or her Andheri chocolate factory.I wonder what Zeba's favourite chocolate is, but she refuses to pick one, showing equal affection for the bitter dark and the sweet white chocolate. It must be hard to pick when you are surrounded by such beautiful creations. The ones I'm leaving you with are the specials she's made for christmas this year. Did Zeba share one of these Christmas recipes for me to make at home? Just wait until next post to find out.