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Curries and Grill Reviews and Ratings - Andheri East, Mumbai


Rated 3.0 by Yedukrishnan P

The biriyani experience at Curries and Grill was both a hit and a miss. Tried the Chicken Dum Pukht Awadhi biriyani and Chicken Tikka Tawa biriyani and Paneer Tikka Tawa biriyani. The delivery was on time. The packaging was done well. The complimentary raita was thick and not watery like what is provided by many outlets. They also give a pouch of onion slices. Now coming to the Biriyani, the Awadhi biriyani tasted amazing. More than the taste, it was aromatic. The spices used were in right proportion. Nothing was overpowering anything. A really good biriyani to try. On the other hand, both the Tikka Tawa biriyanis were disappointing. The rice itself tasted bland, the spices weren't mixed well. It looked appealing for sure, but you don't feel like finishing the box. The rice quantity was sufficient for one. There were 3-4 medium size pieces of chicken which was good. The chicken pieces tasted succulent. Paneer was soft. Overall, I've mixed feelings about the place. They aced one biriyani and disappointed with the other. Hope you will work on it. Worth a try anyway.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Sneha Akshay Desai

Good quantity.. Good packaging.. Extras like raita chutney salads were enough for everyone which need special mention coz other restaurants always look over the sides which contribute to overall experience.. Raita was thick n tasty.. Spicy salad must with Tandoori chicken.. We ordered by swiggy.. Fast delivery.. Tandoori chicken was best.. We ordered tikka chicken rawa biryani.. Truly speaking it was tawa pulav sort off rather than biryani.. But ample pieces of boneless chicken tikkas Afgani chicken preparation was similar to malai tangadi kebab.. White preparation but should be improved.. Good choice for big group of people


Rated 5.0 by Rodney Dsouza

The only reason I'm compelled to write a detailed review is because the food from this place definitely deserves a better rating. We ordered the food via Swiggy. The order comprising of Chicken Sholay Kebab, Chicken Kheema Paratha, and Chicken Awadhi Biryani. The food delivery was prompt. The packaging was perfect, and came with adequate amount of chutney and other dips. The chicken kebab was tender and juicy and cooked just right. The biryani was very rich and flavorful. Extremely fragrant, with just the perfect combination of spices. Not even remotely hot. The Kheema naan was also spot on. The curry that came with it was absolutely delicious too. Wouldn't bat an eyelid to order from them next time around. Would definitely recommend to those looking for some no-nonsense good food at an affordable price point.


Rated 1.0 by Meghana Pradhan

Was served half cooked chicken, perfect recipe for food poisoning. Terrible experience! Awful food, they deserve 0 rating. Ordered chicken tandoori - home delivery from curries and grill


Rated 1.0 by Ashwin Kini

Had a bad fate of ordering from this restaurant! Ordered the so called best seller Mutton Dum Biryani and Chicken Malai Kebab.Rice was uncooked and it was the worst Biryani I could have.Malai Kebab was so sweet that it tasted like Ras malai... Chicken and Sweetness a very bad combination.I will Never order from this place again.Would not even dare to order anything else from here..