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Coffee Shop - VITS Reviews and Ratings - Andheri East, Mumbai


Rated 3.0 by Khushroo Bagwadia

When one looks at having a buffet lunch, one looks at the dishes and wide choices available and you go for it. You are spending a lot of money after all for each person and you are not sure if you will do justice to all that is on offer. So then you look at individual dishes and stress on the taste, and individuality of that dish. At this place when I had the Reindang Mutton curry and Pork chops, I liked the dishes, in fact relished it. The ambience and service is average.


Rated 3.0 by SanketSunday_JewaylaJewayla

Good place.. Quality is good.. Clean place.. Near to Metro Station.. Near to airport.. But nothing special.. Services suck..!!! Really need to work on that..

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Batul

I have been here a few times before. Once when it was named "Circus circus" & once for their midnight buffet. Dropped by for their lunch buffet 2 days back. So let's start with ambiance: 2.5/5. We were seated near the entrance & we had ZERO air from the air conditioner. Though on requesting, we were promptly lead to a better table, though the air conditioning there wasn't great either, but at least we weren't sweating bullets there. The main complaint I had was that the two tvs in the restaurant were tuned to the news channel. I'd rather watch mindless music videos than watch disturbing footage from Gaza on a loop while having my lunch.  Service: 4/5 We were promptly led to the table, service was quick, food was hot, the staff was very courteous and over all it was a great experience. The reason I have cut 1 point is because the waiter didn't have much knowledge about the spread. I still don't know what he served us. because he never informed us what he was serving & when questioned about the spread he told us "I didn't check it out, there are many dishes and they are labeled" Food: 3.5/5 The soup (Chicken Noodle soup) tasted heavenly. The 4 starters (don't know all of their names, just guessing from what I tasted) were good. The Thread Chicken was good, unlike most restaurant there actually was some chicken in the fried noodles. The Fish Koliwada was nice, spicy and full of flavor. The Tandoor Potatoes were good, but a little too raw for my taste (but I was informed they are supposed to be like that so..) There was some kind of roll. Didn't understand what it was, but it was too bland. Getting to the main course, there were only like 3 non vegetarian options, all some kind of curry. Would have liked some variety in it. I tried the Vegetarian Thai Rice & to be honest a touch of salt would have done wonders to the dish. The Cheese and Macroni was too watery. It felt like I was having a cheese flavored Raita, it was /that/ liquidy. Tried the Thai Green Chicken Curry, it was nice but not something one would remember. They had a nice spread of desserts, with mostly Indian sweets. I tried the brownie which was really dry. Like you-cant-swallow-without-a-sip-of-water dry. The jalebi & Balushai were really tasty. Overall it was a good experience. A little more attention to a few avenues would do them wonders!


Rated 1.0 by, Travel And Discoveries

I am trying to think what to RATE. The word is introspection for the space, and staff they have. Food may be last i the list and so will be hospitality. Though Kohinoor continental is not over the moon. I would skip VITS and go there. Unfortunately as they dont seem to interested to improve. Looks like they dont read Zomato reviews


Rated 2.0 by Pushkar Mazumdar

They is a lot of scope of improvement n they can run very successfully as well only changing the present chef/ cook / team...