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Coastal Kitchen

MG Road, Kandivali West
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Coastal Kitchen Reviews and Ratings - Kandivali West, Mumbai


Rated 3.0 by Jenny Jose

Lot of variety. No complaints from the budget food restaurant. Never dined here.. only home delivery. Its a good option to upgrade from to a more hygienic food place

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Anjali Muk

What works for the place: Good Food Friendly Staff Quality Food especially the Tandoor Being a fish person, this place left me very impressed. Their Bhangra fry is really crispy and is clean. If it wasn't for this place, I'd  given up eating seafood outside all together. But Coastal Kitchen kept my hope alive. As for Tandoor, their Chicken Pudina Kabab and Chicken Kajori Kabab was succulent and delicious. It was tender on the palate and wasn't sweet. (Yes, quite a bit of places tend to make Kajori Kabab sweet. The Horror!) Apart from the dishes served, the quantity and the quality of the dishes are good and I've never felt cheated.  Even my mom loved the place!

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Sony Sasankan

After quite a few random disappointments food-wise (just moved to Kandivali), I had almost given up on finding a decent place to eat. Costal Kitchen is one of those rare gems that make you think its a one hit wonder. Then you try something else another day, and its even better! So far I must've tried about 10 dishes and everything was absolutely delicious. Hats off to the chef... the guy know his art! The service was top notch in my opinion. Friendly, intuitive and very responsive, they knew their dishes and recommendations were apt. Do not be fooled by Costal's modest appearances. This is one of those rare places where food quality is given top priority... and as a hardcore foodie, its all I look for :)  I believe they set up shop fairly recently, Brownie points for the management on asking us for feedback on the food, how to improve their establishment, etc. Who does that these days? This place is going to get popular in no time. There is nothing a foodie loves more than spreading the word on good food places :D


Rated 4.0 by Thyagarajan Mohanavelu

One of the Awesomest food I ever had... Satisfied our hearts I should say ... Some food just took us to delhi with the smell itself !!! I would love to rate 5 but haven't tried the other food items in the menu , so 4 for now. Particularly delhi people who are living in Mumbai and missing the Delhi food then coastal kitchen is the place you have to visit. Bon appetite !!!!


Rated 5.0 by Prashant Patil

Awsum food..nd ambience..try out the sea food and chinees dishes nd ull b more than happy..must go for treats nd family luv wid coastal kitchen:-)