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Chokky Wokky Reviews and Ratings - Byculla, Mumbai


Rated 5.0 by Mudasssardarve

Had ordered a mango truffle was simply amazing snd worth a try .. deliveries are done in about 60 mins a definate trt for every one .. The mango trifflr was simply thr best one i had in a long time good going chokky wokky


Rated 5.0 by It'sAboutfood

First feeling was "one more cake shop" but trust me it's goooooood. Fantastic, Fabulous. Just about everything is good. Including the guys handling the calls. Warm, friendly, personal deli kind of service. Definitely deserves a repeat, again & again & again.......


Rated 4.0 by Ayaz Ali Sayed

Amazing desserts....wen feeling low the milkyway is the best to boost ur mood ...all time fav milkyway, the choc fudge is simply tooo good...


Rated 5.0 by Naziyakaasif Memon

Serves delicious cake at chockyyy wockky and Nutella brownie must have ..the love for chocolate never ends .so keep having the yummy dessert as it goes straight to the heart 😍


Rated 5.0 by Food Lover

I have a secret to admit… I’m not a huge fan of cake. But before you gasp, let me explain. Every bite of cake that I have had in my childhood was pretty despicable. Full of artificial flavors, colorings, and that nasty birthday cake frosting that tastes like pure sugar. Most cakes are overly sweet, dry, and lack a depth of flavor. Can you blame me for not liking cake??? Coming to one of CHOKKY WOKKY's greatest all-time bestsellers. The Heavenly Hazelnut Delight. Appearance: Gorgeous. I prefer cakes with a bit of authentic rustic charm than perfectly frosted with fondant, and who knows what else. Taste: The best kind of rich chocolate-y taste. I needed a cake that actually tasted of chocolate. The hazelnut in the cake enhanced the chocolate flavor and contributed to a lovely texture. It also had to be moist (that’s a gross word, sorry). I’m happy to say this cake tasted über chocolate-y and actually stayed moist for days. Texture: The cake was SO moist. The frosting was velvety smooth, thick, and rich. Possibly the best chocolate frosting I’ve had on a cake. Pros: One of the best chocolate cakes I’ve tasted. Also stayed good for 3 days after it was made. So, thanks CHOKKY WOKKY. Thanks for fascinating me with your sinful decadent Hazelnut Delight with a fully customised, exclusive and bespoke Fondant. Thank you for this fantastic, amazing, wonderful, cake. Cons: Umm...Too satisfied to think of any! Actually, None! Would I order this again? Yes!!! Again..and again...and again!!! This will be my go-to, one-stop cake shop!