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China Gate Reviews and Ratings - Andheri East, Mumbai


Rated 1.0 by Swati Shemlani

This was the most FUCK ALL, VEG garlic pot rice i ever had in my life. Its seems that they mixed thai curry with rice which tasted yuck. Secondly the food was all over the bag they sent. Seriously disappointed.


Rated 5.0 by Fudge Budgie

I have often ordered from China Gate for home delivery (The Spicy Crab Soup is a favorite of mine) but for the first time I went to visit the outlet and try thier buffet spread, to gorge on indian chinese deliciousness! On entry, we selected seats near the window and we informed them we are here for the buffet. After five minutes, we were served Chicken Talumein soup and while slurping it, plates on plates of starters were presented by waiters ranging from Veggie ones - Spicy Fried Corn, Crispy Potatoes, Paneer Chilly, etc. to a gorgeous selection of Non-Veg ones - Chicken in Black Bean Sauce, Crispy Fried Fish, Crispy Chicken Wings, Deep Fried Prawns and my absolute favorite - Chicken Dumplings. Thrown in with starters is a complimentary drink that could be Iced Tea or Fresh Lime Soda or Soft Drinks. Finishing up with starters, we moved on to main course and salads, which had a decent spread of veg dishes with paneer, mushrooms, peppers etc and non veg dishes with chicken, fish, prawns and crabs. The salad selection suprised me because of options such as prawn salad, fish salad and chicken salad with a tasty tossed cabbage salad and a sweet corn pepper salad. For carb lovers, there is steamed rice, fried rice and veg hakka noodles which is a great accompaniant to the gravys. Great service by the staff, they were helpful and attentive to us, whether it was picking up dishes or coming up with more starters. Dessert had a small selection of gulab jamun, honey crispy noodles, three types of mini cakes and two ice cream flavors - vanilla and butterscotch. But the dark chocolate mousse was an absolute winner for me. It was decadent, smooth and tasted of pure chocolate unlike the syrup texture ones that are sold at some places. The mousse helped finish this meal on a sweet note and I will definately be back once more to enjoy thier buffet spread.


Rated 5.0 by Shilpi Choudhury

This is an amazing place to fill your hungry guts with yummilicious food. Less oily, less spicy and absolutely healthy and delicious. All ingredients are so fresh and light on your stomach. Perfect lunch outings with friends, family and loved ones. A must try place!!


Rated 1.0 by Aparajita Bothra

Got served very late in spite of mentioning it was for a patient. No one bothered to call back at zomato chat. Called twice... All they did was take call n not talk only.. Pathetic service


Rated 4.0 by Supriya Nandy

Very late service