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Cafe 792 Reviews and Ratings - Dadar East, Mumbai


Rated 5.0 by Student Shlok

This cafe is an amazing place to have Parsi Dishes as their dishes are amazing and outstanding. Infact their Dhanshak seemed delicious and tasty to have. You cannot stop eating it. The owners Mrs. Jahan is a kind lady who can help choose your menu. It is the best restaurant to have Parsi food. They treat you like family very kind hearted hosts they are to their customers keep it up.


Rated 4.0 by Sagar

Ambience:- I love this place specially for the ambience you feel your seating somewhere inside a forest so peaceful and so salient Taste :- My favourite is chicken pie , the chicken wrap and other rolls and sandwich are decent many of the items taste more good with mustard sauce Service :- Service is very good and quick VFM :- Well the food is good but I thing it must be in more in quantity for the price we pay


Rated 5.0 by FoodieManiac

What a cafe! I loveddd it! It's just so peaceful in there, feels far away from the city crowd and noises. The food is delicious as well and worth every penny. I visited with a friend and we ordered a Lemon and mint iced tea which was great. Cheese croissant was a little dry but fine and a pesto mozzarella sandwich served with chips. Quantity was great and so was the taste. Would visit again and again! (ps. Couldn't click much pictures, was busy appreciating and eating)


Rated 3.0 by Sejal Waghela

This is a quaint little place in Dadar which is hard to notice if you don't already know about it. The seating is comfortable and the place is usually quite. They have a rotational menu here and it keeps on changing everyday. On my first visit, I tried the following : 1. Thai curry with rice : The rice was just any normal home cooked rice. The Thai curry was a bit disappointing. Although it contained sufficient vegies, the flavour of the curry was bland and couldn't be called Thai curry. 2. Lemon and mint iced tea : The beverage was moderate. Not too good. 3. Cheese croissant : My day which I was afraid had already been destroyed was finally ended on a good note and all thanks to the croissants. 4. Chocolate croissant : Simply the best! Overall, this place can be tried out without hesitation. They have a lot to offer so just make sure you order what's best.


Rated 4.0 by Chinmay Paradkar

This cafe is located at heart of Dadar. Cafe 792 name derived from the Bungalow number 792. Atmosphere is very calm and it's bring you far away from Mumbai's noisy atmosphere.