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Wafficious Pancakes & Waffles Reviews and Ratings - Andheri West, Mumbai


Rated 1.0 by Yashasvi Nigam

I ordered Mini Pancakes with White Chocolate Topping. Unfortunately, my experience brings me to this point, where I feel responsible to share and inform the fellow customers. 1. To begin with, the PACKAGING WAS POOR. The Pancakes were served in an ALUMINIUM FOIL CONTAINER. 2. The size of the Pancakes was EXTRA MINI, in the name of mini. 3. The taste was not like a pancake should have. PANCAKES DO NOT TASTE SWEET in themselves, but these were tasting sweet. 4. I had ordered White Chocolate as a Topping and received CONDENSED MILK as a Topping. 5. The CASH MEMO DID NOT HAVE THE NAME of the Cafe, which raises suspicion. 6. The DELIVERY EXECUTIVE WAS NOT DRESSED IN THE ZOMATO OR CAFÉ UNIFORM, as it should be. Overall, the experience was not worth the price and did not seem genuine. It is important for the fellow customers to be aware and careful before ordering. For the Café: Please be genuine in your work, for this may bring a bad name to your Outlet.


Rated 5.0 by Esha Mahajan

So now andheri has new stop to satisfy your late night sweet cravings... they are open till 2 am and usually accepts orders online as late as 1.30am which is great 😎 I had ordered chocolate and caramel waffle... do try their pancakes with fresh fruits options. The only thing which messed up was zomato's late delivery and for which they are usually very proud and have audacity to say we have credited rs 40 in your account matter whatever your bill amount was...


Rated 5.0 by Hemant Sethiya

Their pancakes treally define the pancakes. I just remembered how my mother used to pour the chocolate sause over the pancakes and I loved it and these guys did the same with nutella, no kanjoosi! They provided 12 prices with nutella and fresh strawberries on it!


Rated 4.0 by Jayesh Rajurkar

A good Pancake place near my house. They aren't like the flagship pancke places in Mumbai having 100 outlets and serving the basic pancakes! They gave a proper pancake with the proper packing and every layer of caramel and nutella was properly poured on it! No sugar was poured like the other places do.


Rated 5.0 by Sagar Mahadev

Pancake places are one of their own kind. Just like ice cream, pancake is also making it's place in the desert world and soon there will be more Pancake stores and it's just because of places like these where pancake is best served! The nutella pancake it the one I love!