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Becky Bees Reviews and Ratings - Byculla, Mumbai


Rated 3.0 by 2 Hungry Kids Of Bombay

Becky Bee's is a very tiny shop in Byculla we found randomly. They have a pretty decent menu offering so many items for a rather small shop. Since we were already full after lunch, we decided to try out their desserts. They serve some really unique flavoured fruit pops. We bought the grapefruit fruit pop. It was a little sour probably because there was no artificial flavour. But that's what we liked. They have a lot of other flavours and the combinations are unique as well. The other one was the coffee kulfi. We were really expecting it to be served like how kulfis normally are but this one was unique too! It came with a generous coat of chocolate with the coffee kulfi inside it. Totally apt for the time when you crave coffee but it's too hot outside to have it. All the coffee lovers, this dessert is for you! Apart from these things, they also serve waffles, pasta, sandwiches, etc. The service is quite slow though, so you need to have some patience to get your order.


Rated 4.0 by Disha Sangal

A kiosk with sweet staff and even sweeter desserts 😋 a lil on the pricier end, but worth a try . Their natural ice creams are to die for ! Do grab a bite if this place is on the way