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B Merwan


Phone no. - 22 23093321


Desserts, Fast Food, Bakery

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B Merwan, Tardeo, Mumbai

About B Merwan


Desserts, Fast Food, Bakery



Ground Floor, Ali Bhai Remji Road, Opp. Railway Station, Tardeo, Mumbai

Phone no.

22 23093321

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  • Serves - Pure Veg
  • Reservation - Not Required

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8 AM - 9 PM


8 AM - 9 PM

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B Merwan Reviews


Rated 3.0 by Duleep Thomas

I had the craving for a spartan Irani lunch today. I think it was the sad news of the closing of yet another Parsi/Irani place in Colaba that triggered my craving. I looked up the declining list of the true Irani restaurants that are still around. I had been to most of them in the past two years, except B Merwan in Grant Road, right across from the Grant Road Railroad Station. The place has not changed one bit from the place we used to frequent decades ago; except that, it has not aged gracefully. I will skip any ratings on the ambience. I had pretty much made up my mind as to what I was going to order: an Omelette, a Falooda and a paani cum chai. The Omelette was the typically fare; good thing was that the oil was not excessive. I also tried the Brun Maska, which was quite the same, delivered right from the open bread station. B Merwan’s do not serve Kheema anymore. Sadly, the Falooda was not available either. The chai was good but, for some reason, it did not evoke the magic of the paani cum chai that we all grew so used to. The only thing that remained the same was the price points. You could never find a cheaper meal in Bombay. So, food-wise, nothing really to write home. If anything, the wait staff has mellowed out. They are no longer brusque, hurried or the Roger Rabbits they used to be; the place is not as busy as it used to be. The wait staff took their time and were relaxed. So, if there were a saving grace, that would have to be it! I walked out sad. Sad, because this is the twilight of the Irani restaurant era. Many have shuttered down and the the ones that are open are not a shadow of what they used to be. Of course, there are exceptions. But B. Merwan was not the exception! There was some nostalgia, some sadness as I walked out. I looked back over my shoulder one last time as I ambled away, wondering if I would be back. But, like they say: It’s all about the good memories. My rating is just for those good memories!

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