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All Elements Reviews and Ratings - Khar West, Mumbai


Rated 4.0 by Payal Khanna Saigal

Our first time at all elements but can’t wait to go back again. Beautiful small place , friendly staff , very good food . Had the most awesome flourless almond cake . Will try the coffee next time !


Rated 4.0 by Sushant Kaw

Full review at the IG handle: thefoodietravel A great place to visit for a quiet and peaceful time with friends and family. The food and the service were both very good. We ordered: 1. Lemon Coriander Fish Fingers 2. Risotto Pitaca 3. Strawberry shake 4. Capuccino and Chocolate Almond Cake


Rated 4.0 by Maitreyi Phansalkar

Yay: Breakfast Bowls Nay: Nothing! Breakfast is hands down the most amazing meal of the day, week, month and life. I always get up hungry and I always wake up wondering what can I eat. Keeping all the myths and fact aside, it is truly important to begin your day heavy and healthy! All elements cafe khar recently came up with their new breakfast menu and it has literally everything that my ideal breakfast could have. It is a small cafe with cosy interiors. It’s ideal to go in smaller groups. . We ordered 1. Muesli Bowl 2. Breakfast Bowl: Cranberry . I think I am still going crazy over how beautiful the bowls looked. It almost broke my heart to put my spoon to have the first bite! But at the same time, I was dying to do so too imagining how delicious it could be. Both the bowls were excellent! Loved how they were tangy, sweet, heavy, crunchy, almost all flavours together. Ps, they are extremely filling! Loved them! . 3. Eggs benedict 4. Eggs on avocado I am an eggitarian and one of the reason to not be purely vegetarian was the amazing breakfast options that eggs provide! Eggs on avocado was absolutely delicious. It was so well cooked. Loved the presentation of both! . 5. Pancake with maple syrup and chocolate Only sinful part of the breakfast was this dish. The pancakes were so soft 💕 We had them with both chocolate and maple syrup because why not! It was such an amazing end to this amazing breakfast. . Overall, I loved the breakfast here. Even though the menu is extremely small and has very less for pure vegetarians (the only flaw), I loved it! . Ratings: Ambiance: 3/5 Food: 5/5 Drinks : nil Service: 4/5 Overall: 4/5


Rated 4.0 by PIYUSH DAGA

All Elements At Khar, is a cozy spot for anyone who wants to come and read a book, or probably get together with a small group of friends. Serving Italian cuisine, All Elements offers a modern vintage surrounding, which makes the place very comfortable to relax in. Heres what we ordered for: Nachos: Lovely as can get. It was crisp and the cheese was fresh, along with the salsa. Bruschetta Formagio: Loved this. It was amazing, and enlighted our taste buds. Margherita: Very ok. Would not recommend. The sauce was not upto the mark. Very bland. Penne Mama Rosa: Again, one of those dishes you just cannot skip. The pink sauce was done up well, and it was a delight with every bite. Overall Cost For 2: 1080/-


Rated 5.0 by Prachi_LoudFrames

(Rating-4.5) Cozy beautiful spacious cafe + home decor store situated in by-lanes of Khar (google maps is accurate). Was here for breakfast review session with a friend and we loved everything. Calming, serene ambiance coupled with friendly and ever-smiling staff. Service was good but they were short-staffed on this particular day so some of our drinks took a long time. But everything was so good that we won't complain. Prices are on par with gourmet quality and generous portions.  Special mention for how everything we tried was top-notch delicious + healthy. My friend has a health condition because of which she is on a special gluten free, low-calorie diet and she was so happy to see many food options here. It is heartening to see special diet restrictions being taken care of, and at no point taste is compromised. There was no added sugar, preservatives, unnecessary ice etc. in our food. Much appreciated. We tried, loved and recommend- JUICE BLENDS- Watermelon, Lavender, Chia Seeds, loved how they presented it in a goblet. Utterly refreshing. BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE BOWL- Strawberry Smoothie topped with seeds, dry fruits granola, seasonal fruits. Wanna have this everyday. It was soooooo good, no sugar added, naturally on the sweeter side. ♥ DESI STYLE BREAKFAST-  1- Lentil & Oats Chilla with Cucumber & Peanuts chutney- Wholesome, fresh, chutney was the best. 2- Ragi & Kodo Millet Upma with Cucumber & Peanuts Chutney - Huge portion, loads of mustard seeds, chopped vegetables, quite delicious, again chutney was the best. COLD COFFEE - Comes in a huge tumbler, like a mini-meal in itself, just the way I love it, not extra sweet, not over-strong, creamy and memorable. We were here on friendship day and the staff here had a special little celebration with all customers, it involved dairy milk, crayons, personalized notes..It is little touches like this (along with amazing food) that will bring us back here :)