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10th Street Cafe

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10th Street Cafe Reviews and Ratings - Juhu, Mumbai


Rated 3.0 by Sanskriti Changrani

Portobello Mushroom risotto tasted like italian khichdi! Horrible! Peri peri fries are decent! Place looks great. Good music. Service is slow.


Rated 5.0 by Riddhish Kothari

Awesome place and mind boggling food u can't miss it and amazing white ambience. The service is also great and very nice staff . The sorted mushroom and the stuffed herbs bread is the thing not to miss.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Sunny Patel

You WILL come here again!  That one line should be enough.A new place in Juhu, on the 10th road(obviously?).Lovely interiors - sort of unique, mostly made of black and white stuff with nice props and plants around. The inner section is kind of small, I went on a Saturday afternoon and there were many reservations for the inside section. The outside section is cool too, nice breezy and still keeps up with their theme. It definitely is a good looking place. Food - Amazing! They offer breakfast and egg section, everything else is veg. Stuffed Herb Bread - a different version of usual Garlic bread or Bruschetta. A new taste- must try!Smoked Jalapeno Burger - Amazing taste! This is one of the few dishes which taste "smokey" and not just have it in the name. It might be a little spiced up for some people but still worth a try.Molten Lava Cake- MUST TRY! That's all I'd say. Overall, I loved this place and is on its way to becoming my new favorite, gotta try more dishes.Lovely ambiance, good food, good staff and nice feel!PS - good to reserve in advance!


Rated 1.0 by Venkatesh Agrawal

One of the worst places I have eaten at. Sautted veggies were spicy and not flavourful. Watermelon feta salad was ok, not at all good. The saffron rissoto lacked flavor and wasn't as creamy as it should have been. The service was not good as well and when we told the waiter that the food wasn't good, he replied "aaj mera last day hai!"



Unique monochrome interiors with yellow lighting make 10th Street cafe look exquisite yet homely! With courteous staff and prompt service, this place is ideal for a quite dinner or a get together with friends! 10th Street cafe has a wide menu range! From eggs to Pizza name the dish and you’ll find it! Their walnut and chocolate cookie slab is delicious! One portion is almost like a meal !!! So be sure you save some space for this delicacy! They serve their hummus platter with 3 delicious varieties of hummus and mildly toasted pita bread. They also surprised us with a portion of falafel with yummy dips to accompany! A big thumbs up to this cute cafe nestled in the buys riads if juhu!!!