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Yum Tum Reviews and Ratings - Park Street Area, Kolkata

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Saurabh Rana

Yum Tum: A great place to satiate your momo cravings. ===== Location: Right outside Vardhan market. ===== Intro: I had been to Yum Tum along with a friend of mine. It is a very small kiosk with no such seating arrangements. It is a pure vegetarian outlet with one of their branches near metro plaza shopping mall.  ===== What i had: • Veggie Momo Steamed - The coating of the momo was thin. Momo's were soft and served smoky hot. Really liked it.  • Penne White Sauce Pasta - The pasta was also nice and creamy as well. I really enjoyed it. However, i would suggest not to use thermocol plates as it becomes difficult to hold it and it starts dripping over.  ===== Pros: • Pure Vegetarian outlet. • Hygiene is maintained. • Courteous staffs. • Reasonably priced. • Quick Service. ===== Meal for two: 200-450 approximate. (Prices are subject to change due to macroeconomic factors such as inflation, etc.)  ===== Summary: Taste 3.7/5 Quality 3.6/5 Quality 3.5/5 Hospitality 3.5/5 VFM 3.6/5 ===== Conclusion: I had a good experience here both with pasta as well as the momo. I really love the momo's of yum tum outlet. ===== Unbiased review based on my eating experience.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Avi Singh

Location: Camac Street, In front of Vardaan Market. Visited this place for some evening snacks,it is a kiosk with no seating space. Food: French Fries: The fries were crisp and tasted good,served with ketchup and some masala sprinkled on top really made it yummy. White Sauce Pasta: The pasta was yummy and the quantity was enough for the two of us. Service was quick. The pocket pinch is moderate,not very cheap but considering the quality and taste of food it is totally worth it.


Rated 3.0 by Sushma Tibriwal

Yum Tum is a fast food stall located outside Vardaan market and Metro plaza, my favourite shopping destination. I would suggest to grab something from the street stalls located nearby than to have something from here. The quantity and quality of the food is not at all worth the price of the food items. Also they serve in paper plates and everything is effortlessly created.


Rated 2.5 by Medhashree Ghosh

Had chocolate milkshake over here. Not satisfied with the drink. The milkshake was watery and there was very little trace of chocolate in the shake. Service was however fast.


Rated 4.0 by Kolkata Epicurean

Location-Camac Street,Kolkata. This is a small kiosk just outside vardaan market.They are mainly known for their fast food and has a good variety in it.We have visited all the outlets of Yum Tum and they are all same in terms of food taste but the service at this outlet is better than other outlets.We have their- 1:Mixed sauce pasta. 2:Veg Cheese Grilled Sandwhich 3:Veggie Pizza All the item tastes good but what we liked the most was their "Veg Cheese Grilled Sandwhich". Food-4/5 Service-4/5 😃😃