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Quest Mall, Park Circus
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Yauatcha Reviews and Ratings - Park Circus, Kolkata


Rated 4.0 by Saunak Basu

Kolkata’s first Michelin star restaurant and indeed a classy addition to the culinary map of the city.. Have the opportunity to visit the famed Dimsum tea house at London before, so during my latest visit to Kolkata didn’t look further when looking for some fine dining Asian options, that too with high hopes and thankfully it didn’t disappoint.. Got an offer on nearbuy for flat Rs. 999/- per person and availed that with much satisfaction.. Coming to décor, this place looks like a modern global chain with all the required accessories and settings.. Huge glass pane, high ceiling, low hanging lights, modern furnishing all adding to the upscale set-up.. Service has been classy and flawless, not even a single moment where you may feel uncomfortable or dissatisfied.. They pamper you, always attentive keeping tab of every need even in the slightest nod without uttering a word but at the same time don’t encroach upon your privacy.. They also served a few table condiments comprising Chili Oil and Sauces.. Coming to food we needed to select from a Set Menu for nearbuy which comprises a Mocktail, Dimsum, Rice/Noodles, a Main Course and a Dessert to wrap up a complete meal.. We opted for: Orange and Chili: Much better in terms of taste.. Unique, spicy, tangy and sweet all bursting in the mouth once you take a sip.. Tokyo Cooler: A watermelon based drink, refreshing and sweet but nothing Japanese in it.. Spicy Prawn Hargau: Dumplings as good as it can be.. The dough was yellowish orange in texture, light, flavorful, the fillings were adequate, you can feel the fishiness of the shrimp paste blended in light spices.. Pan Seared Pork Bun: Hot, fluffy, slightly sweetish buns topped with sesame seeds and filled with pork keema stuffing.. The salty stuffing perfectly complemented the sweetish crust.. Roast Pork & Shrimp Fried Rice: Disappointing to say the least.. Not something you expect from an elite kitchen like this.. Firstly quantity was a major issue, won’t even fill the appetite of a child, adding to it the taste was bland and disappointing.. You can hardly find shrimps or even veggies.. Stir-Fry Chicken with Szechuan Peppercorn: Having been at the Chinatown of Chicago umpteen times, Szechuan peppercorn is something I am quite well aware of and things might go wrong with a slight error in portions.. Thankfully they prepared the sauce in right flavors and balance adding the optimal portion of peppercorns which surely dominates the entire dish.. It was also a treat to the eye with lots of colors on plate.. Steamed Red Snapper in Asam Sauce: Asam Pedas is basically a Malaysian-Chinese influenced recipe which is mostly on the tangy and sourly side and devoid of any sweetness.. The fish was nicely poached, not overdone and retained the original flavors of Snapper.. The veggies added more texture and freshness to the dish.. Raspberry Delice: Probably something we expected the least and excelled most.. Yes the Desserts have been a revelation, in texture, in presentation, in taste and even in its complexity.. Presented as a full-grown Rose from outside with a side of Lychee ice cream.. Once you break through the outer crust of the rose you will get a rich pannacota infused with raspberry and lychee.. The raspberry sauce further adds to the flavors.. Passionately Recommended.. Chocolate Pebble: When you are suing so many different and unique components in one dessert chances are high that the overall dish wouldn’t come out as expected.. This is where Yauatcha excelled according to me justifying the tag of Michelin Stars.. While you can get the taste of individual components, you can also savor the dish as a whole.. The creme fraiche sorbet scoop on top of brownie crumbles, the dark chocolate crust having caramelized white chocolate inside, everything tasted so heavenly and perfect.. Passionately Recommended.. Overall, having a dining experience at Yauatcha is truly an unique one and should be tried atleast once given there is no proper match amongst stand-alone restaurants in Kolkata.. However, the only major concern is the Portion Size being too less even to fine-dining standards.. Once that’s rectified, probably no stopping it.. Food: 4/5 Pricing: 3/5 Service: 5/5 Ambiance: 4/5


Rated 4.0 by Trippingspoons

Yauatcha is a must-do culinary trip for any one who likes Cantonese/Mandarin food. The ambience and service were great. We took the supreme buffet for INR 1308 + taxes. The hot and sour soup with shredded chicken was good. It was the dimsum assortment that won us. From the "Spicy Har Kau, Coriander Chicken, Chefs Special and Shiitake Mushroom" it was a gastronomic treat for us. We found the main course average. The Seabass was extremely salty and the lamb dry. There was nothing special about the fried rice though the Ho Fan Noodles was great.In desserts, the Raspberry Delice and Chocolate Pebble were spectacular. We would be back again soon coz we didn't have enough of the dimsums.


Rated 5.0 by Natalia Ghosh

I don’t really need to write much about Yauatcha... This is probably most popular Asian food place in Kolkata and their desserts are simply love❤️ From the ambience to the staff to the food and desserts every thing is very right about this place. So a big thumbs up for yauatcha👍🏻


Rated 4.0 by Kausani Ghosh

After a weeklong debate we decided to celebrate my sister’s birthday at this place. Yauatcha has a spectacular ambience – simple yet classy decoration, soothing lighting, glass window overlooking the city lights. Being an international chain they kept the prices well synchronised with their character. Although, at times, it feels a little overpriced. Astounding hospitality I must add. We ordered one dimsum - Chicken meatballs were half wrapped in pok choi. It is one of their signature dishes recommended by the attendant. It was warm steamy and juicy. Another starter was chicken schezwan in peppercorn. For main course we ordered chicken XO fried rice. They served the pork sauce separately. My favourite from the day was Singapore stir fried noodles. Rice noodles tossed with egg, prawn and some vegetables. I did not like the steamed Indian seabass at all; the sauce had a strange smell. For dessert we opted for the much talked about Raspberry Delice. The presentation was stunning but the taste turned out to be average. I had a mixed feeling about the whole dining experience. Carefully craft your orders, take some advices from the attendants, ask about the ingredients, sauces, portions etc. Happy dining.



Yauatcha been there like 3 to 4 time by now . It's good .not too good . But drinks and the deserts were awesome. Hope to visit again for desert and the drinks . Please don't serve shitaki mushrooms. Please don't.