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Whip It Up!

nb 4.3 / 5
Forum Courtyard, Rowland Row
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Whip It Up! Reviews and Ratings - Rowland Row, Kolkata


Rated 5.0 by Arpita Jhunjhunwala

I had ordered a fresh pineapple cake and that is exactly what I received. The baker was kind enough to add a message at the last moment as well. The cream was delicious and the balance of flavours was perfect. Definitely ordering again.


Rated 5.0 by S O U M I K

Came across this one with the help of nearbuy app. And its worthy enough to spare my two minutes to write a few words about this place. This is just a perfect example of the fact, that you dont need a large setup with glass doors and decors for show-off. Whip it Up really serves mouth watering delicacies. I tried their truffle chocolates and it was really praiseworthy. Also loved the kind of wrapping. Try this once. Its value for money. :)  Waiting to visit soon. Thanks to Harshita Maam. :)


Rated 5.0 by Vasuki Jasani

My personal favourite baker!! She just understands what you are craving for. Not just once, but a several times i have had this woman's creations and she never fails to surprise. From simple ones to the lovely decorative cakes with mix n match of amazing flavours. I wonder why 'Whip It Up' does not have its own place or a shop but i am happy till its getting delivered to me!! One of d must try bakeries~~~


Rated 5.0 by Akash Jain

Was an amazing cake. Thank you so much. We all loved it. And specially the flavour combination was excellent. The vanilla with caramel in the base, along with the chocolate in the ball n the mint sticks, there couldn't be a better combi. Will surely love to order all cakes from you :) Id definitely suggest all my friends to try ordering cakes from here.


Rated 5.0 by Shradhadalmiya

This is not your run of the mill fancy bakery which screams attention with eye grabbing fondant décor and just pomp and glamour. What sets it apart is the pure sweet indulgence that every item promises to deliver. Amazing array of cakes on offer, and you can choose to delight your taste buds from a chocolate explosion or red velvet goodness. Excellent choice for pre ordering cakes for family and friends ! Kudos!