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Phone no. - +91 9051772424, +91 33 24840347


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033 24050347

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Cost for two - 1,150


Burmese, Chinese, Japanese, Thai

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Wasabee, Kalikapur, Kolkata

About Wasabee

Wasabee, located on Kalikapur Road much like the name suggests is an authentic Pan Asian restaurant that serves a wide array of unique Japanese, Chinese and Thai delicacies. The interiors have a distinct Oriental touch and the ambiance is peaceful yet genial. The service is warm and prompt making your culinary jour...


Burmese, Chinese, Japanese, Thai


1st floor, 956, Kalikapur Road, EM-By Pass, Prince Anwarshah Connector Road, Opp Bharat Petroleum, Near Avishar Mall, Kolkata

Phone no.

+91 9051772424, +91 33 24840347, 033 24050418, 033 24050347, +91 9163764444

Average cost

Cost for two - 1,150

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11 AM - 11 AM


11 AM - 11 AM


11 AM - 11 AM


11 AM - 11 AM


11 AM - 11 AM


11 AM - 11 AM


11 AM - 11 AM


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Wasabee Reviews


Rated 4.0 by Soura Shaa

Wasabee has been on the list of few foremost Asian cuisine joints serving Japanese, Thai, Burmese, Singaporean and of course Chinese. Kolkata always had a spectacular line of Chinese restros, one of the reasons being Chinese settlement in the city for decades. So Chinese cuisine is something Bengalis have incorporated into their daily dose of consumption. But other Asian cuisine have still not made an impression in the minds of fish-loving people of Kol. Recent years have seen emergence of joints like Wasabee which has been doing just that! Wasabee, generally means a particular kind of plant found in Japan, has a complementary color to green(wasabi,the plant is green in color) in its whole decor. The interiors are all done beautifully in red with a traditional design thus setting the ambience of the place just right. The food has been highly appreciated before as you can see in other reviews as well. I haven't had sushi and sashimi before so i can't compare with other places. The Smoked Salmon Sashimi came with small helpings of a paste of wasabi and some leaves of some plants which i didn't recognize. Warning: Don't EVER take even a spoonful of wasabi along with anything, let alone Sashimi. Wasabi is damn hot and you will get a strong taste of mustard which will leave you coughing vehemently. At least it made me! Phew! The Sashimi seemed quite nice; perfect flavour of smoked salmon. Next in line was the sushi which were small cylinders of rice wrapped along with prawn and salmon.Bengali food consists of well cooked fish, fried or cooked with a lot of spices. But not boiled ever. Thus, a lot of Bengalis don't like sushi and totally discard it but that wasn't the case with me. I liked the sweet rice along with the boiled fish. The combo worked for me. For the main course, we tasted Burmese Khow shuey and Thai side dishes. Roasted Pork with Pak Choi in Thai style was a stunner. A good getaway from the usual Chilly Pork. Gai Tod Kratiem Prik Tai, a whole some name and a dish too! Went well with the Khow shuey. We didn't order desserts as we were quite full. Next time maybe. But I must say, if you want to enjoy good South Asian delicacies, this is the place. Costs u a few dimes but its worth it!

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